Score 1 for Melissa Manhart – Valdosta State Anti-Flag Protester Is Armed, Dangerous and on the Lam


Last week an air force veteran, Melissa Manhart, was taken down, handcuffed and detained by police for taking a flag from racist, leftist protesters at Valdosta State University. The flag was being desecrated by the protesters. Ms. Manhart was publicly embarrassed at the time, but who looks good now? She has been vindicated!

One of the “protesters” is on the lam and his father has put out a plea to turn himself in.

Conservative Tree House is reporting that the group is a black supremacy movement. An arrest warrant is out for one of the protesters, Eric Sheppard Jr. He is considered armed and dangerous. Conservative Tree House also has information about who these “protesters” actually are. They are known as the Koven Regime. They’re similar to the New Black Panthers and The Nation of Islam.


Yesterday, Valdosta issued this alert on Facebook. CAMPUS ALERT:

At Odum Library at approximately 245 pm, VSU Police were performing extra patrols as part of extra security in light of recent protests at the university. VSU police officers located a backpack on university property and inside the backpack a handgun was found.

Unmistakable evidence has now been located by law enforcement linking the gun to Eric Sheppard. Based on that evidence, an independent judge has issued an arrest warrant for Eric Sheppard who has been recently been seen on television as a protester. Although there was an extensive search for Sheppard by law enforcement and he was not located, he is now wanted and considered armed and dangerous.

There is no evidence at this time to reflect that Sheppard is on university property and in fact, law enforcement now believes he is in hiding. We are asking for your help in locating him should you have information; please call University Police at 229-333-7816 or 911. Please check the VSU website for updates and additional information.

There was a pro-US flag rally on campus to counteract the protest by the leftist loons. This should make Ms. Manhart feel great.