Scot Jailed in Dubai for Touching a Man’s Hip


A Scot who was sentenced to three months in a Dubai jail for touching a man’s hip to avoid spilling a drink has been freed, according to his representatives.

Jamie Harron

After his arrest in July for public indecency, making a rude gesture, and drinking alcohol, 27-year old Jamie Harron lost his job and was told he could have faced up to three years in jail.

Mr Harron was described as “angry, disappointed, and dreads what may happen next”. While appealing the decision, he was released from prison. He served five days before he appealed and the judges refused to listen to his witnesses.

Ruler of the emirate Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum stepped in and made a special order for cases against Jamie Harron to be dismissed.

His passport has been returned.

Thanks to the courageous Sheikh, he is free.

Dubai wants to increase tourism and we would like to suggest they lighten up on the fascist laws.

Here are some of the laws that could get you imprisoned in other parts of the world. The world is insane.

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