SCOTUS Could Destroy an Important Constitutional Power In June



Barack Obama’s administration is on strike when it comes to illegal immigration and he could care less if the people coming into the country are dangerous. About 500 thousand foreigners have overstayed their visas, 527,127 according to the hill. That’s in addition to the millions already here illegally. The president won’t put in place the biometric systems needed to track these people down.

Many of them have come from countries that are training grounds for terrorists: Afghanistan (10.86 percent), Yemen (7%), Iraq (6.94) and Syria (3.7).

The Supreme Court of the United States is about to take up an important separation of powers case and they can’t be trusted. They are politicized. No matter how popular the issue might be, the decisions on gay marriage and Obamacare prevailed though they were illegal because the Supreme Court ignored the Constitution.

People who want gays to marry or want Obamacare should understand popular issues should not be above the rule of law or we have no rule of law, we have anarchy, and our president is actually a dictator. The same thing goes for this separation of powers case.

Barack Obama illegally gave amnesty to the parents of children brought here illegally as children. It includes more than four million people and they will be eligible for Social Security retirement and a whole host of benefits. They will also be able to vote for Democrats.

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, a leftist open borders revolutionary, said this in a statement:

“We expected the Supreme Court to take up the case and we expect the President’s point of view will prevail. The law, the legal precedent, and the people are on the President’s side.

“Opponents of immigration and the President’s executive actions have tried to run out the clock on his presidency and want immigrants to remain in limbo, living and working here but always under the threat of imminent deportation. Most Americans would prefer that long-term immigrants with families and lives in the US come forward to register, pay to be finger-printed, and submit to a rigorous background check. Then, if individuals pass that test and can renew it every so often, always on a case-by-case basis, most Americans believe they should be allowed to work and to raise their families here until Congress eventually summons the courage to fix our immigration laws.

“We are not going to deport our way to law and order in immigration, nor build a big wall around America. What we need is a legal immigration system that works so that we do not have a large number of immigrants vulnerable to deportation, leaving them and their families and businesses to cope with the dysfunctional reality. The President’s actions are not a substitute for Congressional action; they are a coping mechanism for Congressional inaction.”

The reason he is so excited and so positive is because the decision by Texas Judge Hanen would have been left standing if they hadn’t taken it up. The Hanen decision put a hold on the amnesty. SCOTUS taking it up means they could grant the amnesty, give Obama his win, and further weaken the separation of powers.

It’s hard to trust them. They no longer adhere to the Constitution.

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The Concept of Separation of Powers Now in the Hands of SCOTUS


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