Screaming Meemies of Minimum Wage Strike Again



Tell us what do you think about this story? Berkeley wants businesses to pay $19 an hour for unskilled or barely-skilled labor. They’re no longer talking about a reasonable minimum wage to ensure people aren’t being treated as slave laborers or indentured servants, it’s now about the “living wage” and outlandish benefits for the “entitled” who deserve to be paid merely for going to work and performing their job as outlined.

The Chamber of Commerce finds the proposal “ridiculous”. It will kill jobs and businesses. People will only pay so much for a burger and fries. A number of businesses are going under from last year’s minimum wage increase.

The dumbest statement ever was made by a “compassionate” medical technician who said this: “Not only do I make a minimum wage caring for the wounded, the elderly, the dying … I see the effects of poverty every day in my job. … I’m tired of losing people. … I care more about my patients going under than I care about businesses going under.”

If businesses go under, how will his poor work? I suppose he’d say increase welfare. He’s probably a plant.

Stealing from others in a perverse game by twisted Robin Hoods is the acceptable norm.

Unions and other leftist organizations pay minorities to go out with these signs. Much of the time, the sign holders don’t speak English and aren’t clear on whey they are there. They are being told they are “entitled” which makes for a loyal, leftist union worker of the future.

They’re breeding entitled people.

Not to be bested by the fight for $15, the “generous” Berkeley leaders have decided to demand a $19 an hour minimum wage. They won’t be fighting for higher wages for those of us who have worked hard to raise our station in life, but rather for the jobs that only require the inexperienced, unskilled, unknowledgeable, and untalented worker.

It also includes an automatic raise increases to match the cost of living starting in 2021. Additionally it will subject employers to a new system of mandatory sick leave and will clarify who can be exempt. The Commission estimates there will be little to no economic problems as a result.

The Berkeley City Council will vote on this recommendation from the Berkeley Labor Commission sometime this month. The idea is that all workers, no matter what the job, no matter the performance of the worker, should be paid a living wage, which is, as most of us know, a Marxist imperative.

At this time, Berkeley’s minimum is $10 an hour. It’s set to rise to $11 next month and to $12.53 by October 2016. But the proposal would raise it to $13 by October 2016 and then increase it by $1.50 a year until it reached $19.

Statists can’t let the free market work.

Well, the argument goes, it’s expensive to live in Berkeley.

People working in Berkeley don’t necessarily need to live in the extremely expensive Berkeley nor do statists have to look for the first opportunity to take from the prosperous in their class war of envy.

If the businesses can’t find workers, they will raise the wages or offer benefits.

In Detroit, the workers think that because they have to put in a full day and the work is physical, they deserve more money than a paramedic who makes less than $15 an hour but they will as they have been doing for the past 60 years.


If you look at the video below, you’ll find that it’s a handful of people, prompted by the union and probably paid to be there, who actually brought the mayor out who then espoused the Marxist living wage mantra.

We are being ruled by a handful of people.

“When we cry out for elected officials to stand with us, here you have the city of Southfield’s mayor, Mayor (Ken) Siver, standing with us saying, ‘You all deserve $15 an hour and a union,’ and this is why we’re here today,” event organizer Pastor W.J. Rideout told WJBK-TV.

“We’re going all over to let elected officials know that if you do not stand with the 54,000 workers, that we’re not going to stand with you at the polls.”

They might as well be screaming that they are bullies who will humiliate, threaten and defeat any dissenting voice. Detroit can’t exactly afford to chase away businesses or kill jobs.