Sean Hannity Has Gone “Underground”, Might Not Return to Fox News on Tuesday


Sean Hannity might not return to Fox News on Tuesday according to a source who spoke with Independent Journal Review (IJR). He’s gone “underground” as he considers his decision, according to the well-placed source.

There are also reports James Murdoch plans to turn Fox News into a “respectable” outlet like CNN. Because of that, after the Sky news deal goes through, Hannity will be gone.

Sean Hannity

The Attack from the Left

Media Matters (MM) has attacked Sean Hannity for his coverage of the Seth Rich case which they promote as a right-wing conspiracy theory. MM published a list of 125 of his advertisers, encouraging them to boycott. That’s the approach they used to get O’Reilly fired.

There are several new articles piling on, one in particular that takes quotes out of context to make Hannity look like awful and more despicable to the left-wing Murdoch boys.

Mark Levin suggested Hannity sue Media Matters.

It has been a little more difficult destroying Hannity because he doesn’t have any scandals or alleged scandals in his past. The NY Times seemed to complain about the advertisers not leaving apace as they did with O’Reilly. They expected them to leave.

Some websites like Mic Network and BuzzFeed keep a running list of companies that have pulled their ads from Hannity. A reporter for Buzzfeed is boasting that she will get rid of Hannity.

The list now includes nine companies, up from seven: Boehringer Ingelheim, Cars.comCasperCrowne Plaza, GoodRx, Leesa, and, disgracefully, USAA.

Hannity Has Gone “Underground”

The Independent Journal Review source  said Hannity has gone “underground” and is deciding whether he will return to Fox News after Memorial Day weekend.

Hannity said on his Twitter account he was taking his “annual Memorial Day long weekend,” which started Thursday and wasn’t planning to leave.

20th Century Fox issued a statement assuring the public that Hannity has the support of the network.

Hannity has allegedly stopped communicating with friends at the network. He is not “answering his phone and communicating even with his close friends” while he considers his future at the network.

Perhaps he just wants a real vacation from Fox. We’ll find out Tuesday.

What a Former Fox Executive Says

Ken LaCorte

Former editor Ken LaCorte has speculated that the Murdoch sons are behind the bad press battering the key players at Fox cable. As part of the basis for this, he refers to the lack of support by the Murdoch in every case and the outrageous payments for unworthy cases such as that of Gretchen Carlson.

About Carlson, he said,  “Certainly, no one reading Gretchen Carlson’s claims against Ailes – even if you believe every word of it – would think the case was worth anywhere near $20 million.”

As to the lack of support from the Murdochs:

Throughout it all, the company has barely lifted a finger to defend any of its employees in the public arena, and a once powerful public relations department has been muzzled.

It’s almost as though the Murdochs don’t mind the bad press, which just may just be the strategy. If you want to “remake” and soften a company that is wildly profitable and popular, it would be unwise to change its leadership without good reason.

Instead, it would be much smarter to let these sexual harassment charges boil and to be the hero who finally “fixed” things over there. You didn’t ruin Fox News … you saved it.

It’s nasty business.

Megan Kelly and Greta Van Susteren have also left the network and the original lineup is gone.

If James Murdoch thinks CNN is “respectable”, there’s not much hope for hearing and seeing conservative news on Fox in the future.

Tucker Carlson might end up being very lonely on Fox cable. Most of the “conservative” hosts/commentators can be controlled.

James Murdoch Wants Fox to Be “Respectable” Like CNN

The IJR source, who possesses intimate knowledge of the internal dealings at Fox News, said Hannity feels like the network failed to sufficiently support him after he came under attack. The source also alleged there may be an active campaign to force him out of the network — led by none other than James Murdoch.

That jives with comments made by Ken LaCorte to Mediaite and on his news site.

James Murdoch in particular, a member of the hard-left Labour Party in Britain, has been quoted repeatedly as being “disgusted” with his conservative Fox News hosts.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Michael Wolff, citing his own sources, reported in April:

These sources say James Murdoch’s longtime annoyance if not disgust with Fox News became cold fury after the Times’ April 1 story — even though several of the O’Reilly settlements had happened when James was CEO of the parent company.

This was a similar reaction to what had followed the harassment suit by former anchor Gretchen Carlson against Fox News chief Roger Ailes in July.

Every time Fox controversies spilled over into the wider world, James took it personally. “It was somehow against him,” says one person close to the Murdochs.

James Murdoch doesn’t care about the financial benefit of the conservative division, he hates it. He thinks of them as “thuggish neanderthals” and he is “embarrassed to be in the same company with them.”

Right now, Murdoch is looking to move David Rhodes from CBS News into the presidency if possible. Rhodes is the brother of the self-admitted liar and Obama spokesperson Ben Rhodes. It doesn’t get much more left and corrupt than that.

Hannity Will Be Toast When the Sky News Deal Is Complete

Hannity has been tweeting regularly that leftist forces are trying to get him fired. He was also angry over the firing of his longtime friend and co-president of the network Bill Shine.

When Ailes was fired, the rumor mill said that once Shine was gone, the conservative Fox News as we know it would also be gone.

When Hannity recently covered the Seth Rich case, the left seized the moment to try to oust him. Fox caved and withdrew the article detailing the case. This also followed investigator Rod Wheeler retracting some of his story in an appearance on Hannity’s tv show.

The IJR source said that “Hannity is a dead man walking after the Sky News deal,” referring to Fox News’s bid to purchase the U.K.-based channel.

Check out a few of James Murdoch’s wife Kathryn’s tweets. She’s all left all the time.

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