Sean Hannity ‘Hired’ Trump’s Conservative Lawyer ‘Shocker’


Apparently, there is no confidentiality anymore, even if it damages a person’s career. The judge in the Michael Cohen case released the name of the third Cohen client and it is Fox News TV host, Sean Hannity.

Only problem with the story is it isn’t accurate and the media is running eith it anyway without talking with Mr. Hannity.

Hannity didn’t reveal his casual, almost non-existent relationship with Cohen. He has railed against the Cohen raid on TV. Normally, Hannity would be expected to reveal the relationship but Hannity said Cohen never represented him.

That’s the story.

No one can say how it relates to Russia election interference.

How It Came Up

Some unknown source told CNN that “Michael Cohen has never represented Sean Hannity in any matter involving a third party. Hannity has occasionally asked Mr. Cohen questions concerning the law that Mr. Cohen indicated would be privileged.”

Hannity’s name came out during a new hearing in federal court this afternoon. Cohen requested it to review his own seized files for privileged material before the feds do.

Judge Kimba Wood wanted to know how many clients he has and who they are, to figure out how much-privileged material there might be. There are three clients, she was told. One, of course, is Trump. The other is Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy, who had Cohen handle the hush-money to a pregnant former mistress [who had an abortion].

Cohen’s lawyer said they would rather not divulge the name of the third client but the judge would have none of it.

Hannity has been covering the raid on Cohen’s office, siding with Cohen.

Fox News is taking a hit with this as well as Hannity and the antagonism is just getting started.

Why Did He Hire Him?

Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman reported on MSNBC that Hannity hired Cohen “to help defend him against left-wing groups that were calling for boycotts,” a reference to Media Matters’ well-publicized campaign to get advertisers to stop supporting Hannity’s program and everyone else on Fox News. Sherman added that Hannity may have hired “other lawyers and/or private investigators” as part of the effort.

Media Matters arranges wholly unAmerican boycotts to destroy people.

The left sees this ‘scandal’ as a way to silence Hannity, a strong Trump supporter.

Hannity Responds

Hannity responded in tweets. He said he never retained Cohen or paid him. He said he discussed legal questions with him occasionally.

A rumor is going around Twitter that Hannity met secretly with a mysterious woman named ‘Ruth Chris’ 15 times a week. Ruth Chris is a steakhouse and there is a photo online of Hannity at a Ruth Chris steakhouse. In any case, rumors prompted this tweet.

The Raid

On April 9, 2018, Cohen’s offices were raided by the FBI. He is being investigated for bank fraud, wire fraud, and campaign finance violations, relating in part to payments made to trollop Stormy Daniels.

Essential Consultants LLC paid Stormy Daniels, the pornstar who received $130,000 for keeping silent about an alleged one-night stand with Donald Trump more than a decade ago. Cohen had said he paid her out of his equity loan.

What About Marc Elias?

Hannity responded on his show last everning.


  1. We all know what this is. Mueller hears probably 100 times a week from Hannity’s radio and tv program that he is corrupt and should be fired. So Mueller comes across this info, passes it to NY District Attorney and goes to embarrass him. Hannity maybe (and I say maybe) should have said I know Cohen and have consulted him but that is not criminal. In fact is Hannity even a journalist? He is an opinion based commentator. Think of all the people that have spoken to Hillary or Obama or Holder. Think of all of their misdeeds. Half the nation would be implicated for something. And what if Hannity hired Cohen for real estate advice or even to defend him against progressive attacks? Who cares. If Cohen did something illegal, that implicates Hannity because he hired him on other matters? Are we really convicting Hannity because of the “guilt by association” standard? If that is all that the Libs have, they are really reaching. CNN should all be put in jail because they have hired Brennan and Clapper as “commentators.” They knowingly broke the law by spying on Americans and leaking it to news outlets and they spew advice all the time. You are telling me the anchors have never on the side asked for advice or inside info? Every one of those sanctimonious anchors should be held to the same BS standards they are holding Hannity to.

  2. I may be misunderstanding what the definition of “hired” is, but the headline of your article seems misleading, unless you believe rumors and 3rd-party reports from CNN/MSNBC over Mr. Hannity’s own words i.e. “I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees.”

  3. The law, including privacy laws, will not be followed in the pursuit of Trump and other conservatives.

    Great job Jeff Sessions, look at the mess you caused, and it gets worse every week. Will they raid a Trump home next? Sessions, not Rosenstein, is responsible for the 1.2 million IG documents being withheld from Congress. Sessions is tilting the scales of justice in favor of the criminals.

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