Sean Hannity Interview with Benjamin Carson


Dr Carson

A number of liberals were highly critical of Dr. Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 7th. Barack Obama attended the meeting and Dr. Carson’s remarks were meant to be heard by the president.

The liberals felt it was the wrong forum. I would like to know what forum would have been acceptable since our president is unavailable to anyone who doesn’t serve as a lap dog.

For Conservatives, a prayer breakfast is the perfect platform for a speech like the one Dr. Carson made.

Dr. Carson was very respectful and repeatedly said he did not want to offend and he meant it. He expressed his conservative views with kindness and intelligence.

Dr. Carson is an amazing man. I only wish the president was capable of listening to him and hearing him.

Hannity asked Dr. Carson if he has thought about running for president. That is probably what every Conservative watching was thinking during the interview.

Check out the interview:

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