Seattle Police Kill a Man Who Decapitated a Woman, Probe Follows


Seattle police were dispatched to an apartment in answer to a domestic violence call and found a decapitated woman on the floor of the apartment. They soon came in contact with a knife-wielding man yelling in a foreign language.

They tried to get him to put the knife down and at first, he did, laying down on his stomach. The man then started yelling again, stood up, grabbing the knife. The police begged the man to put down the knife as he screamed in a foreign language. Perhaps because of the language barrier and the rage he was in, he wouldn’t. The officers were also faced with a decapitated body which horrified them as this was going down.

They were forced to shoot and kill him.

It doesn’t sound like much of a loss.

The officers attempted lifesaving aid.

Two children and two adults were found hiding in the apartment. They were not hurt and escorted out of the unit.

There is an investigation and the Seattle Police Officers Guild stood by the officers of course.

They have been criticized for standing behind the officers while the investigation is still ongoing, but guild vice president Rich O’Neill said that the group is an independent organization with the freedom to stand up for whomever it chooses.

Can you imagine the loons criticizing them? It’s the criminal’s problem if he doesn’t understand.

On Thursday night, Seattle police released video from body cameras worn by two involved officers.

Meanwhile, the foreign criminals are free to pour into the country.



  1. The language barrier was quickly overcome by the bloody knife in his hand and the headless corpse. The police understood his intent, which speaks much louder than words. Good job officers.

  2. Sympathies to all PD Officers across the several states.
    As the population changes as the @nd and #rd World influx continues.
    Officers are not trained for regular Hand-to-Hand combat and Be headings.

  3. Washington State passed the I-940 bill, the police accountability law. Officers have to fear prosecution for doing their jobs. How many more people could have died if the officers had waited before taking out the killer?

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