Seattle Police Leaving En Masse Because of Lack of Support


Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best blamed the anti-police city leaders for a mass exodus of police officers.

They have been resigning in droves, and many of the officers who have left said that attitudes and policies adopted by the council were what caused them to leave, KCPQ reported.

“I’m their biggest champion, and I will always be their biggest champion because I know how tough the work is,” Chief Best said while speaking at a U.S. Coast Guard base in Seattle.

About the city leaders, she said they need to support the police.

“We need them to stand up for the work that the officers…have been doing in this organization,” she said at the time. “We’re losing good people, and we know it’s because they feel like they aren’t supported by public officials.”

Dozens of exit interviews from officers who have left SPD expose the terrible morale.

“Criminals are more empowered than people that protect the city,” one officer wrote.

Another officer blamed “city politics and biased media” for their decision to leave the department.

“It is extremely frustrating to constantly hear nothing but attacks and second-guessing from Seattle council members who frequently make accusations based on their own biases and with no regard to fact,” another officer said during the exit interview.

Nothing will change unless they vote these people out of office but they won’t. If they do vote them out, they will vote their clones into office.

Read more at Blue Lives Matter.

Seattle is dying.



    • Only in the present. Once they cause many Police Officers to leave, they will bear the result, but unfortunately, so will decent people.

  1. Years ago the Seattle police chief at the time said we will reach a point where nobody will want to be in law enforcement , we will not be getting the best of the best applicants to be police, its happening across the country!!!!!!

    • Yup, that is a fact and it is mostly the cities (Democrat Controlled) that need LE the most. They are hemorrhaging officers and there is no way to back fill since people who are in LE (or wanting to be)are not inherently stupid.

  2. The police chief showed major courage and leadership, to take the proper stand against politicians, unlike most every other police chief.

  3. And Seattle has purchased the 32nd team in the NHL for $750 million. They can’t deal with the homeless problem but can build a new hockey/basketball arena.

  4. What do ya expect, Seattle? Slam the LEOs for doing their jobs and the exodus from the force should be no surprise. To anyone with an ounce of common sense between their ears.
    I cry for you, residents of Seattle, you will be at the mercy of the criminals in your midst. Thanks to your stupid voting choices at every level of your local and state governments.
    Just sayin’.

  5. My neighbor was a senior SPD detective. He was exactly the type of guy made for the job. Smart, Patient, Tough. He threw in the towel after 20 years in Seattle for the exact reasons in the other exit interviews. The Seattle area has become nothing but an overpriced cesspool. There is no sense of law and order at all, and it is only getting worse. They can’t even get one person to show up for their SPD employment fairs they have as far away as Atlanta. That I have heard from the PD guys I know from those areas. SPD is now scraping the bottom of the barrel for officer applicants. I will spare you the stories of how that has been going. Moved out of the area last year and I can honestly say the Best View of Seattle… in the rear view mirror.

  6. Simply stated, Seattle is a Shthole city thanks to years of ultra left now socialist rule by the Mayors and city council. When I first moved to Seattle many (over 20) years ago I asked a SPD officer I knew why the PD didn’t do anything about the many pan handlers and people living on the street. He told me to blame the Mayor and city Council who won’t pass loitering or vagrancy laws. It has only gotten worse. Seattle is trying to become as depraved as Portland, OR and they are not that far off. Kudos to Chief Best for standing up to the dolts who mis-govern this once great city.

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