Seattle Is All Set Up to Confiscate Guns Without Due Process


Statue of Lenin in Communist Seattle.

The Democrats [who are actually Socialists] don’t want to take your guns. The media is reporting that claims of Democrats wanting to take our guns is fake news. In Seattle, they don’t want to take guns away, they just want to take guns away. They opened the gun confiscation room in the courthouse after two years of preparation.

It’s called ‘Ellie’s Place’ after a dog they once had there. There will be three programs to take guns away from owners. One is the Regional Domestic Violence Firearms Unit.

If the good communists of Seattle think you are a danger, they will take your gun without due process.

It’s known as the Extreme Risk Protection Order or ERPO for short.

“If an individual’s made threats, if an individual has been volatile, destroyed property, if he’s harmed animals, if he has a history of assaultive behavior, it’s evidence a judge can use for an ERPO,” said Anne Levinson, a retired Seattle Municipal Court Judge was instrumental in getting Ellie’s Place up and running.

In other words, a judge gets to decide if the people have gun rights.

Forget Due Process

If some vengeful person wants to get even with a gun owner, this will provide an excellent opportunity. Even claims of ‘domestic harassment’ mean you will lose your guns. This is only the beginning of the gun grabbing without due process. It will be very hard for people who have lost their guns to get them back.

They are proud of the fact that they have established this million dollar infringement on the 2nd Amendment.

“There’s not another one like it in the entire country and we’ve already seen they are increasing the number of guns recovered from the most dangerous hands,” said Renee Hopkins, CEO of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, the group that backed the ERPO initiative.

The Alliance motto is ‘Onward”.  That’s a favorite old-time communist slogan. Melinda and Bill Gates have been funding them.

We have a question. What happens to the stolen, I mean confiscated guns?

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