Seattle Sues Trump for “Unconstitutional” Order Mandating They Follow the Law


There’s Lenin, right in the Seattle, Washington Square.

Seattle Washington is lawless and leftist, at least the majority of people living there are. Seattle, which is run by at least one bona fide communist, is suing the federal government over President Trump’s executive order cracking down on lawless “sanctuary” cities and towns.

Mayor Ed Murray made the announcement. They are hoping for the same results as they got with rogue judges over the travel ban.

The city’s goal is to have the order declared unconstitutional, Murray said. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle.

They want to declare unconstitutional an order mandating cities and towns follow federal immigration law and respond to law enforcement in the case of illegal alien criminals in particular.

The order will stop grants and withdraw other federal funds from these criminal sanctuaries. Seattle would lost $152.6 million in total.


Instead of allowing this lawsuit, these lawless politicians and other officials should be dragged out in handcuffs.

Seattle is becoming a paradise for socialists, communists and fascists so to them, an order mandating they follow the law is unconstitutional.

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