Seattle University Revolutionaries Demand Decentralization of ‘Whiteness’, End of ‘Global White Supremacy’


Johns Hopkins students are very, very upset because the school will no longer hide the grades of students from employers and grad schools. Prior to this, the school only put satisfactory and unsatisfactory on transcripts.

Better yet is what is going on at Seattle U.

Unfortunately, it’s being played down in the print media and you likely won’t see it on TV. These people are leftists and Fascists and they engage in anti-white histrionics, claim they are oppressed, demand the end of Western Civilization studies, insist on far-left outcomes — just read about their demands at the end of the article.

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Seattle University caved to the demands of people they call “student activists” who are actually student leftist revolutionaries. The beleaguered dean who tried to hold fast was put on leave as the university ‘investigates’.


Because the leftist students egged on by radical professors oppose a liberal arts curricula with too much of that heinous classical Western history and philosophy, among other things. They want globalism in education in the US.

“I have taken this action [putting the Dean on leave] because I believe, based on information that has come forward in over the past several weeks, that successful operations of the college at this time require that she step away from day-to-day management and oversight,” Seattle University’s interim provost wrote in an email announcing the decision.

No sorry, provost, it’s cowardice. These students need to be kicked to the curb when they violate school rules.

This has been going on for weeks, actually years if you count the past protests of the anti-America left at this particular university.

One student complained to the Seattle Times that “the only thing they’re teaching us is dead white dudes.” They have demanded the resignation of Dean Jodi Kelly though one official said that won’t happen. We’ll see

Stalin would be so proud of how the radical left can erase history.

People worry so about the Tea Party, why aren’t they as worried about the revolutionary socialists, communists, Fascists who euphemistically call themselves Democrats.

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In a written statement, the protesters said that “dissatisfaction, traumatization and boredom” have characterized their time as students, “as well as being ridiculed, traumatized, othered, tokenized and pathologized.” They claim “these experiences have been profoundly damaging and erasing, with lasting effects on our mental and emotional well-being.”

oh, boohoo.

The radicals are the MRC Coalition who self-describe as being “led by queer folx, womxn of color, and people of color,”  and they issued a lengthy list of demands, including an overhaul of the college’s curriculum that “decentralizes whiteness and has a critical focus on the evolution of systems of oppression.”

They have also called for Kelly’s resignation, arguing that she “personally perpetuates much of the violence embedded against MRC.”

This is who school officials cave in to now?

The school tried to compromise by offering cultural-literacy training for staff and a curricula review but the revolutionaries smelled blood in the water and cowardice in the air.

Eight left-wing professors out of 17 want her gone also. A petition with signatures of 550 people in support of Dean Kelly is being disseminated.

“Until today, I have been proud to be an MRC and Seattle University graduate — I am deeply saddened by this response and the support of bullying as a protest tactic,” Dana Keller, an SU alumnus who launched the petition, wrote in a post to the petition’s web page.

This is another corrupted Jesuit University.

The MRC Coalition has an iPetition out with their ugly anti-white, revolutionary comments and 2,000 signatures.

Here’s a sample of their demands:

…The Humanities program as it exists today ignores and erases the humanity of its students and of peoples around the globe. Humanity is defined as the human race, and as such studies in humanity must be about human beings collectively. We are diverse, with many different life experiences, also shaped by colonization, U.S. and Western imperialism, neo-liberal politics, and oppression under racist, sexist, classist, heteronormative and homophobic, trans*phobic, queerphobic, ableist, nationalistic, xenophobic systems, which perpetuate conquest, genocide of indigenous peoples, and pervasive systemic inequities. The world in which we live, and the realities of students at Seattle University are vastly complex and worthy of critical study. Our concerns regarding racism, sexism, homophobia, and other manifestations of oppression are not individualized–they are systematically upheld by the college.


A non-Eurocentric interdisciplinary curriculum, which

Decentralizes Whiteness and has a critical focus on the evolution of systems of oppression such as racism, capitalism, colonialism, etc., highlighting the art, histories, theologies, political philosophies, and socio-cultural transformation of Western and non-Western societies.
Is taught by prepared staff from marginalized backgrounds, especially professors of color and queer professors.
Collaborates with other departments and programs, such as Women and Gender Studies, Sociology, Social Work, Political Science, and Psychology, in redeveloping curriculum.

Radically reinterprets what it means to educate teachers and leaders for a just and humane world by centering dialogue about racism, gentrification, sexism, colonialism, imperialism, global white supremacy, and other ethical questions about systems of power, setting a standard for students before doing service, learning, or studying in other communities or countries.

Prepares students to work for social change in nonprofit, for profit, governmental and grassroots settings. To do this, students would be informed of anti-racist, decolonizing, sustainable, and ethical practices.
Has clear and transparent objectives, mutually agreed upon and approved by students, staff, and faculty, and grounded in decolonizing and anti-racist pedagogy.

These people are Fascists. Read the petition if you don’t believe me.

My nephew just graduated from Yale Medical School. He’s a liberal but not a communist or socialist and disagrees with much of the demands the leftists are placing on the schools at Yale. He wouldn’t dare say a word as is true of the majority because they’d be called racist, misogynists and so on. It would ruin his career after he worked so hard.  He has two black sisters but he would still be labeled a racist. His brother is having trouble getting a job despite his scholarly papers, PhD, and perfect average because the lesser qualified minorities, foreigners, immigrants get the jobs. This isn’t even affirmative action, it’s leftism.

The most qualified should get the jobs, there should be honesty in reporting grades, Western civilization should be taught, the crazy leftists should be put back in the bottle before they destroy the country. They’ve gone too far.

SOURCE and h/t Rosalie Hanson


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