Sebelius Orders IG to Inspect the Website No One Is Responsible For



No one is in charge of the Obamacare website. That’s right, no one. The website we spent $1 billion on, and which doesn’t communicate properly with insurance companies and which does not have a payment option, has gotten Sebelius’ attention to the point that she has ordered the Inspector General to investigate.

What difference…at this point…does it make? Isn’t it a bit late? The only purpose this investigation serves is to allow the guilty parties to say they can’t answer any questions because its under investigation.

Sebelius announced the probe on a blog post. She asked the inspector general to investigate the performance of contractors in the wake of the botched rollout of the insurance exchange website.

Laughingly, she wrote this: I believe strongly in the need for accountability, and in the importance of being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Why isn’t Sebelius responsible and why didn’t she investigate?

The numbers who have signed up or enrolled for Obamacare have reached a paltry 365,000 people and Sebelius is bragging about it! She isn’t telling people how many of that number have signed up for the free healthcare, Medicaid. I think we know why.

What this government is doing to our country is beyond belief.

Listen to Rep. Trey Gowdy:


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