Second Family Accuses CNN Pravda of Trying to Control the Narrative – Update


Student-survivor Colton Haab, originally described by CNN Pravda as a hero of the Stoneman Douglas massacre, is now being accused of lying by the same network. Mr. Haab dropped out of the CNN town hall after he said they altered his question. CNN denied it, calling him a liar.

Colton went back on Tucker’s show to strongly defend his accusations against the fake news network.

This is after CNN condemned people who criticized any of the reactions from the students. They are bulletproof according to CNN. Apparently, Colton is not.

Tucker said Friday evening that he hoped to get to the truth but he didn’t know at the time that another parent has come out to confirm what went on.


Andrew Klein’s daughter Arianna survived last week’s deadly school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. Klein came forward Thursday accusing CNN of attempting to control the narrative, favoring gun control.

It was not the uncensored town hall that CNN tried to pretend it was. Nor did CNN want an honest discussion of solutions for mass shootings.

Klein told FNC’s Laura Ingraham that a CNN producer told him the day after the shooting the network was looking for only one type of person to speak out against guns. Klein told Mrs. Ingraham that the network was looking for survivors and their families who would “espouse a certain narrative which was taking the tragedy and turning it into a policy debate.”

“I read that as being a gun control debate…I’m a Responsible gun owner. when we talk about gun control it’s not about taking guns away from people like me, it’s about keeping them out of the hands of the people who should not have them, who are irresponsible who are a threat to society.”

Klein told Laura that the CNN producer did not specifically mention guns in her conversation with Klein but said the producer was, “looking for people who want to talk about the policy implications.”

He also mentioned Ted Deutch wanting to get rid of what would amount to almost every gun.

CNN has since released an email that differs from Colton’s with three words added that make it look like Colton or his family added them to bolster the case. We don’t know for sure that CNN didn’t do it although it doesn’t look like something they would do. However, no matter what, it doesn’t change the fact that the town hall was a hatefest against the right, guns, Republicans. The crowd was whipped up for an hour before Dana Loesch and Marco Rubio were attacked.

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