Second Federal Probe of Christie Thanks to His Friends Across the Aisle


Bridge-gate is only one of two probes by federal investigators which threaten to decimate Chris Christie’s reputation.

The feds are investigating Christie for an advertisement campaign in which $4.7 million of Superstorm Sandy funds were used to promote tourism to the Jersey Shore.

The problem, the Democrats say, is two-fold: the ads featured him and his family during an election year, and the winning bid cost $2 million more than the lowest bidder that came in at $2.5 million. The lower bid would NOT have included him and his family.

New Jersey Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone, a harsh critic of the Governor, asked HUD to investigate back in August.  The Inspector General found there was enough evidence to launch a full-scale investigation.

Christie issued a statement today and said that the “action plan”  was approved by the Obama Administration [Christie did have that hug-fest with Obama].

“Federal agency reviews are routine and standard operating procedure with all federally allocated resources to ensure that funds are distributed fairly. We’re confident that any review will show that the ads were a key part in helping New Jersey get back on its feet after being struck by the worst storm in state history,” according to the statement issued in response to questions from CNN.

Obama and Christie

Where is Governor Christie’s friend President Obama? A few words from him could have brought these “scandals” into perspective. Instead Obama’s donors are investigating Christie. So much for reaching across the aisle.

The Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to attack Christie. The Democratic Mayor of Jersey City, who wants to be the next Governor, claims that Christie won’t set up meetings with him because he didn’t endorse him. Allegedly, Christie officials offered Fulop “new access to state commissioners, who hold the purse strings for many Jersey City services” in exchange for his support.

The Democrats are trying to dig up dirt and may or may not find it.

Christie claims he is the bipartisan Republican who can “work across the aisle”and, to prove it, he has abandoned fellow Republicans:

When Mitt Romney and his wife went to New Jersey in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Christie refused to meet up with them.

When Ken Cuccinelli asked for his support in the last days of his campaign for Governor, Christie refused.

When Christie decided to hold a special election to fill Lautenberg’s seat instead of holding it on the same day as his own race, he likely cost the Republican candidate, Steve Lonegan, the race. Christie had a strong showing and it would have been enough to bring Lonegan over the finish line.

After he told Westchester County Executive, Rob Astorino, he would endorse him as candidate for Governor, he took it back. He called Governor Cuomo and said he had not endorsed Astorino.

After sparring with Rand Paul over NSA surveillance, Chris Christie refused to take up Rand Paul’s offer for a beer summit. Christie’s response  “I’m running for reelection in New Jersey, I don’t really have time for that at the moment,” Christie said on New Jersey 101.5, continuing to take shots at Paul in the process.

Now Christie, nicknamed the “King of Bacon,” has no Republican or Democrat friends rallying to support him. He should have known the Democrats wouldn’t and the Republicans who would have stuck up for him were tossed aside long ago.

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