Secret Rosenstein Memo Made Public as Manafort Case Is Called “Stasi-esque”


A secret memo from Rod Rosenstein to Robert Mueller has been made public and it suggests Rosenstein and Mueller colluded to commit a crime. Mueller does not have the authority to investigate Paul Manafort on non-Russia issues. The probe is unconstitutional.

The memo says the authority outlined is only for “public consumption”. They possibly planned to expand Mueller’s authority beyond the legal jurisdiction.

Supreme Court reporter Robert Barnes further described the Manafort case as Stasi-esque.

The Memo

On August 2, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote a secret memo to Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicating the original May 17th appointment order was just for public consumption. Much of the letter is redacted.

Greg Jarrett, Fox legal analyst, tweeted that Mueller is “unethical.”

“In his court filing, Mueller admits that Rosenstein’s order appointing him was intentionally vague. This violates the special counsel law that requires a specific statement of facts to be investigated. Rosenstein and Muller colluded to break the law and should resign,” Jarrett wrote.

Deputy AG Rosenstein did not have the authority to expand the probe beyond anything that Jeff Sessions recused himself from and therefore, exceeded his authority. He expanded Mueller’s jurisdiction beyond the Attorney General’s recusal letter.

This secret letter was made public by Rosenstein and Mueller themselves. They presented it after Paul Manafort claimed in a filing that Rosenstein’s special counsel order was not based on a crime. He said the order unconstitutionally stated that Mueller could basically look at anything he wanted to look at.

Mueller and Rosenstein presented the memo as a rebuttal for Manafort’s latest action to a federal court in Washington. It was an effort to refute Manafort’s argument. Instead, the correspondence appears to confirm Manafort’s argument.

Mueller’s Definition is Stasi-esque

This is a witch hunt.

Supreme Court reporter, Robert Barnes said that with regard to the Manafort case, “This #Mueller definition of what crimes arise “directly” from the investigation is the Stalin-style, Stasi-esque, Gestapo-born notion of Beria’s “show me the man, and I will find you the crime.”

The FISA warrant was rushed

Also out today is news via investigative reporter Sara Carter that congressional investigators have uncovered communications suggesting that the FBI/DoJ and the White House coordinated to rush the FISA warrant on Carter Page.

Information about the possible coordination was out last week, but what is new is they rushed it. The warrant was issued on October 19th.

It could all be a strange coincidence of course.


  1. I recall early on Rosenstein talked about a private verbal agreement on scope he had with Mueller. That indicated abuse from the start, as well as other things. The boldness of Rosenstein, and the unqualified support for him from Sessions, indicates that this is a setup, Rosenstein has a carte blanche to get Trump. Sessions has no plan to follow the law or to intervene. Really, this was known on recusal day, when Sessions, under little or no pressure, betrayed Trump and forfeited his job. Other key players are Ryan and McConnell, both Trump haters, who never utter a word to support him, and stall any investigations. They could easily stop this abuse with aggressive investigations and public statements. McConnell actually has his intelligence committee actively working against Trump and not investigating anything real.

  2. Been calling for Rosenstein’s removal for more than a year now. He must go first, then Sessions right behind him.

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