Secret U.S. Documents Stolen by Shia Militias Are Now In the Hands of Iran


Arab press, and particularly the Saudi press, have harshly criticized the Obama administration’s policy in the region – especially its Iran policy, which they term “destructive”, “idiotic”, “dangerous” and “narrow-minded.” Writers are calling for a rebellion against any agreement the P5+1 signs with Iran that does not absolutely prevent it from possessing nuclear weapons.

Iran is now in possession of secret stolen U.S. documents which include the names of locals who informed on Iranian-backed rebels and Al Qaeda. Their lives are in danger but we won’t be there for them.

Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen have sacked files of Yemeni security forces and now have: details of American intelligence operations in the country; names of confidential informants; and plans for U.S.-backed counterterrorism strikes.

Yemeni intelligence were only able to burn some files.

The files were believed to have been given directly to Iranian advisors.

The damage to American intelligence networks in Yemen is severe, even though the administration is still claiming Yemen is a success.

Houthis are also in control of about $500 million in military equipment we gave to the Hadi government.

The loss of the intelligence networks is incalculable and our drone strikes have been halted. Yemen is also the home of the most dangerous branch of Al Qaeda.

Saudi Arabia has launched airstrikes to “defend the legitimate government” of Yemen and to prevent a Houthi takeover.

They have also moved in troops, armored vehicles and artillery to secure the border. It’s all over for them if their Shiite tribes in the south of Saudi Arabia began to rebel.

Houthis are threatening to collapse the Saudi Arabian regime.

A report from the Middle East Media Research Institute notes that the website Khabar Online, which is affiliated with Iran’s pragmatic camp, led by Expediency Council Chairman Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and President Hassan Rohani, called on the Houthis to launch an all-out attack on oil fields, tankers, and industrial facilities in Saudi Arabia, as well as to operate deep inside Saudi territory and conduct retaliatory strikes against Saudi interests in the Strait of Bab Al-Mandeb, the Red Sea, and even the Strait of Hormuz.

The website also called on members of the resistance axis to use Saudi Arabia’s focus on the Yemeni arena to inflict losses upon it in other Shi’ite-Sunni conflict zones in the Middle East such as Iraq, Syria, and Bahrain.

They believe this will collapse the House of Saud.

The U.S. is offering some help to Saudi Arabia in the way of intel but it’s minimal.

With all this, nothing will stop the horrendous nuclear deal, the outline of which might be complete by Sunday.

Liz Cheney and Stephen Hayes were interviewed on The Hannity Show Thursday evening.

Ms. Cheney said that “it is absolutely the case that the United States under Obama is undergoing a historic, devastating realignment of our interests so that the president is aligning America with Iran [foremost sponsor of terror in the world]…We have totally turned our backs on Israel, our Arab allies, and they all know that.”

Stephen Hayes discussed the support Obama has given Iran which was essentially a “green light to Iran.”

“It is hard to overstate how dangerous it is or how dangerous it is going to be two years from now…[they are willing to give] whatever concessions are necessary but on top of that what also seems to be happening, he’s so desperate for a deal, he will align with Iran…and when they go into these places, they sow complete chaos, they sow terror, they advance terror,” Cheney said.


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