Secretary Kelly Says We’ll Know Terrorists Are Here When They “Blow Something Up”


As Secretary Kelly said Tuesday, “We won’t know if dangerous foreigners were admitted until they “blow something up.” He made his comments during testimony on Capitol Hill.

The southern border is a “gaping wound in our defenses”. Most of the drugs and cartels are coming through this border.

Secretary Kelly was in charge of the Southern Command and repeatedly sounded the alarm.

In 2015 testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Kelly warned of potentially dire consequences from illegal immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border.“The relative ease with which human smugglers moved tens of thousands of people to our nation’s doorstep also serves as another warning sign: These smuggling routes are a potential vulnerability to our homeland,” Kelly told U.S. lawmakers.

“Terrorist organizations could seek to leverage those same smuggling routes to move operatives with intent to cause grave harm to our citizens or even bring weapons of mass destruction into the United States,” he said.

In January, Kelly warned that top ISIS leaders in a “few very, very radical mosques” in the Caribbean are directing wannabe terrorists to direct attacks from their homes instead of traipsing to the Middle East.

“It seems like the Islamic extremists and terrorists have shifted a lot of their message, and that is, ‘Hey, rather than come to Syria, why don’t you stay at home and do San Bernardino, or do Boston, or do Fort Hood?’” Kelly said at a Pentagon press briefing.

General John Kelly saw the invasion on our southern border as an existential threat as serious as Iran or North Korea.In July, 2014, General Kelly said America’s porous southern border and the recent surge in illegal immigration is more than just a “humanitarian crisis,” it’s a threat to the United States’ very existence.

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7 years ago

I watched his testimony on c-span today, I liked how he handled the democrat questions, I have no doubt this guy will protect our borders, the southern border for sure!