Secretary Kelly Said ISIS Is Using Refugees as a Trojan Horse


Secretary Kelly said today that ISIS is using the refugee flows as a Trojan horse to deploy operatives.

“We know that fully implementing the EO would clearly substantially increase our ability to secure the nation from those who seek to do us harm.

Since the President’s EO was announced, we have seen a number of terrorist attacks tied back to those countries of concern in some way, as well as clear signs that terrorist groups like ISIS continue to use refugee flows as a Trojan horse to deploy operatives to conduct attacks.

Yet the injunctions currently tie our hands when it comes to guarding against threats from those locations, often deliberate attempts to infiltrate refugee flows.

It is hard for me to imagine that in the light of current high danger levels that are indeed increasing, that any government entity would prohibit DHS from reviewing the screening of individuals from certain terror hot spots and from putting in place better vetting in high risk locations.”

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