Secretary of State Kerry Warns Iraq About Iranian Flights to Syria


John Kerry, Nouri al-Maliki

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We give over $2 billion in aid to Iraq each year. In total, we give about $50 billion a year to countries that mostly despise us. Check out the foreign interactive map to see where our aid money goes.

It’s really paid off. Iraq is allowing Iran to use its air space to send almost daily flights to Syria with shipments to Assad, according to the AP.

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, warned that Iraq shouldn’t allow Iran to use its airspace to provide aid to the Syrian government, during his unannounced visit to Baghdad.

“I made it very clear that for those of us, who are engaged in an effort to see President Assad step down… anything that supports President Assad is problematic,” Kerry said after holding private talks with Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki.

The Secretary of State added that the silent approval of the Iranian overflights by the Iraqi authorities has left the American people “wondering how it is a partner.”

It undermines our efforts to help the rebels but the rebels are infiltrated with al Qaeda.

Sequester will not hurt foreign aid to foreign countries.


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