Secretary Pompeo Destroys Very Idea of Russia Collusion Allegations


Secretary of State Nick Pompeo sat down with Shannon Bream last night on her Fox TV news show. Her overriding question was about allegations that the President colluded with Russia. Secretary Pompeo destroyed that idea with the one piece of evidence that should be obvious to everyone.

President Trump has been very tough on Russia. The past administration was Russia’s dupe, although the Secretary didn’t put it that way.

“I think those allegations are absurd,” Pompeo told Mrs. Bream. “This administration has been relentless in its effort to deter Russia from its bad behavior.”

“We inherited a situation where Russia was running all over the United States,” he continued. “The last few days have been frankly, more heat than light. This administration has been strong in supporting the Ukrainians, strong and making sure that we protect them against Russian expansion in other parts of the world. We all recognize that threat is real. And President Trump has been strong in protecting America from Russian aggression.”

Pompeo interrupted as Bream tried to move on and added that Trump has a full grip on what and who he is dealing with when it comes to Russia.“The president has been very resolute. He understands precisely who it is we are dealing with in Russia,” Pompeo said. “He gets it. He’s trying to take opportunities, places where we can work together and put America in a position to do the things he wants to do on behalf of the American people.


Trump approved lethal weapons to Ukraine, shut down Russia’s consulate in San Francisco as well as two additional diplomatic annexes, and rather than rolling back sanctions, Trump signed into law additional sanctions on Russia, expanded LNG sales to a Europe dependent in Russian gas imports, and increased the Pentagon’s European Reassurance Initiative budget by 40 percent. (A President who berated U.S. investments for European defense has actually dramatically increased American military presence on Europe’s threatened borders.)

He reinstitute the National Security Strategy.

The National Security Strategy of 2017, brought a much-needed dose of realism to a conversation too often dominated by abstractions like the “liberal world order”, singles out both China and Russia as key geopolitical rivals.”

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