See the Most Repulsive Tweet by a Democrat — Ron Perlman


Trump and GOP-hating actor Ron Perlman tweeted out one of the most disgusting cartoons I have seen. While absolutely repugnant, it does acccurately depict how Lefties think. They pretend they are all so pro-women as they abuse Republican women.

The Hellboy actor links to a revolting cartoon in the tweet above suggesting the sexual molestation of Sarah Sanders by the President.

In the cartoon, the ‘Trump’ character says to the ‘Sarah Sanders’ character: “I have the occasional urge to grab you by the pus…”

She interrupts: “You’re gonna need a bigger hand.”

Even more sickening is the reaction from his followers.

The left is dehumanizing people with whom they disagree. They make us less than human, deserving of no respect. That is who they are.

Here are a couple more responses from the lovelies. We should add here that many of the responses were negative towards Perlman.

Perlman is the guy who was nice to Harvey Weinstein’s face and then bashed him after he was outed as a sleazeball.


  1. O well, just everyone boycott their films, and go make their own! These days small indie groups can make stuff which even Hollyweird was technologically incapable of just 30 yr ago. And FUCK the lefties, they’re so boring, same old outrages over and over and over…. like the sixties never ended.

  2. Why do the conservative media/blogs etc give these sociopaths so much oxygen. Every time that they are recognized by being printed they win.

    • i so agree. i am tired of hearing about these vile has been so called celebs trying to rekindle their fame. i would rather we just put them on ignore! publicitiy is all they want, so let’s not give them any–please!

    • People need to know what these leftie goons are made of, how they think. That way, they’re not as complacent about their “ideologies”. My wife supported hillary until I demonstrated her base to her.

  3. I am SICK of living in Alternate World where these pedophiles & rapists & HATE night t.v. superstars keep SCREAMING at us 24/7 how President TRUMP is ‘coarsening the dialogue’!!! During FroBama’s 8 Year Reign Of Terror remember all those maniacal celebrities screaming obscenities all day long every day; the unemployed 35 year olds tearing down heritage statuary & torching businesses; the ‘conservative narrative’ being SHOVED down everyone’s throats; small business owners being BANKRUPTED/publicly-shamed by fictitious ‘twitter mobs’ for (insert today’s faux outrage), etc, etc? Yeah, ME NEITHER.

    I’ve stated it elsewhere: these VILE subhumans should be GROVELING at the feet of our Warrior President for either reviving their has-been careers or providing to the NEVER-WAS’s “a” career of One Note Skipping Record Blind Hatred of All Things Trump. Gawd’amighty SHUT UP! Get HELP.

    • rRght up there with some of the great quotes from Winston Churchill.
      But seriously Perelman has the wit of a 13 year old,
      A f****** dumb 13 year old.

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