Self-Admitted Intel Leaker Evelyn Farkas Claims She’s a Victim of Fake News


Evelyn Farkas, Obama’s former Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense, admitted there was a massive wiretap, widespread surveillance of the Trump campaign though she appeared unaware of what she was admitting. She said they – the administration – knew of contacts with Russia and wanted to get the information out and that is why it was leaked [that’s a felony – actually several felonies]. She made her admissions on MSNBC during an interview in early March with Mika Brzezinski.

Farkas encouraged Obama staffers to gather as much information as possible on Trump team members and get it over to Capitol Hill and throughout the executive branch so that the intelligence wouldn’t be “hidden away in the bureaucracy”. She seems to think leaking intel is okay if it means the Trump administration would not be able to “compromise those sources and methods.”

She now says she is the victim of fake news, even in light of her own words caught on tape. On MSNBC mid-afternoon Thursday, she told the panel that she was a victim: “And on the dark campaign of fake news, you know, that’s still ongoing. We see even someone like myself get swept up in all of this.”

She even suggested that the Russians are behind the reporting of what she said on tape.

“You know, when people like me are speaking on behalf of process, people spin to it suit their needs. And I think it may be that the Russians are behind even such fake news today.”

video via MRCTV

As an aside, Snopes is out covering for her saying nothing she said was novel. They are the fact checkers for all of social media which are currently hiding Sentinel’s posts.

Sean Hannity has some good clips of her original statements contrasted with what she is saying now.

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