Self-Confessed Groper Cory Booker Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut


Self-confessed Groper Cory Booker called for a delay in Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation based on a 36-year old groping accusation. Booker is himself, an actual groper. He’s being trashed on social media for his blatant hypocrisy.

The New Jersey Democrat once bragged about groping women in an article he penned for The Stanford Daily.


“New Year’s Eve 1984 I will never forget. I was 15. As the ball dropped, I leaned over to hug a friend and she met me instead with an overwhelming kiss. As we fumbled upon the bed, I remember debating my next ‘move’ as if it were a chess game,” Booker wrote in the student-run Stanford Daily newspaper in 1992.

“With the ‘Top Gun’ slogan ringing in my head, I slowly reached for her breast. After having my hand pushed away once, I reached my ‘mark,’” he continued, without explaining what he meant by “mark.”

“Our groping ended soon and while no ‘relationship’ ensued, a friendship did. You see, the next week in school she told me that she was drunk that night and didn’t really know what she was doing,” he added.

Booker’s intent of the column was to detail his transformation from a 15-year-old who was “trotting around the bases and stealing second” to someone who was called a “man-hater” over his pro-women views.

“In retrospect, my soliloquy titled ‘The Oppressive Nature of Male Dominated Society and Its Violent Manifestations Rape, Anorexia, Battered Wives’ may have been a surreptitious attempt to convince her that I was a sensitive man, but more likely I was trying to convince myself that my attitudes had changed,” he wrote.


  1. I’m so sick of the Democrats and their lies. How much did they pay Dr. Ford for her lies? She’s simply not credible. Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed NOW!!!! STOP THIS DEMOCRAT SHERADE!!! If YOU’RE 20 AND NOT A DEMOCRAT YOU HAVE NO HEART. IF YOU’RE 30 AND NOT A CONCERVATIVE, YOU HAVE NO BRAIN.

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