Self-Described Communist-Anarchist-Democratic Antifa Thug Meets Justice


Screenshot of Christians marching for Jesus

Communist-Anarchist Antifa thugs were very riled up by the sight of Christians on the march for Jesus in Portland, from the way it looks on the video. One of the masked Antifa thinks a cross is a known white supremacist symbol.

He rambled about how their “obsession with Christianity”, their “obsession with their Holiday”, and their “obsession with freedom of speech marks that they want to hurt people.”

Uh, okay.

The March for Patriot Prayer is a sincere and peaceful pro-Christian group and Antifa are violent communists by their own description. They say they want “peace through violence”.

The Antifa with the mask says the Christians have “no respect for human rights” because they advertise their support for their religion while some observers don’t agree.

“We must go down to a one class society,” yells one of the Antifa while the first speaker waves a fist in the air. He claims anarchist, communist, democracy is the future.

One of the Christians yells to the masked Antifa fist guy, “You can come and get me if you want.” That’s when the Antifa runs across the street and gets hit by a truck.

The Antifa is hurt but it doesn’t look bad. Hopefully he will be okay but there is something to be said for divine intervention.

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