Self-described conservative Joe Walsh 2020 calls for socialism over Trump


Fake conservative and self-serving Joe Walsh is running for President. His only supporters are people who use him to trash the President. Walsh prefers hard-left socialism pushed by the Democratic candidates to the president’s ‘authoritarianism.’ What has he done that is authoritarian?

Walsh has a bizarre history of extreme and racist comments. He even called for a violent revolution in 2015.

“I’m a conservative,” the fake tea partier tweeted, “but I have no doubt that Donald Trump’s actual authoritarianism is a much bigger threat to this country than any of the Democrat’s hoped-for socialism.”

“Put another way: I’m way more afraid of a dictator than I am of a guaranteed jobs program or free college.”


You can’t be conservative with the views he holds, and, in fact, Donald Trump, while pragmatic and not ideological, is implementing conservative policies.

The President’s actions are mostly conservative. From judicial appointments, policies on border security, free-market ideas, support of the military, cutting of regulations, to his defense of the nation, he is conservative.

Donald J. Trump is not an “authoritarian.” The Democratic candidates who spew socialist principles are authoritarians. They hope to take our money and our freedoms while the President is trying to return to the rule of law.

It is Barack Obama who was found to violate the constitution by the Supreme Court of the United States. It is Barack Obama who had a pen and phone and who knowingly violated the Constitution to force DACA and DAPA on the USA.

Someone like Walsh who pretends to be a conservative while selling socialism is the “human scum” the President referred to. He’s the worst kind of hypocrite. If Democrats are honest, they would admit he is.

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