Sell Out Alert! Mitch Will Do Anything But Support Trump’s Border Plan


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is ready and willing to sell us all out as long as it looks good. Nothing is off the table except a government shutdown and a national emergency declaration. When past presidents like Obama and Bush declared national emergencies, it was okay, but it’s not now that the President is Donald Trump trying to protect Americans.

McConnell’s open to “whatever works” as long as he can avoid any sign of strength by Republicans. He’s all for amnesty, raising the debt ceiling, and/or comprehensive immigration reform. Mitch also wants to make it difficult to shut down the government, one of the few tools an opposing party has to resist tyranny by the other party.

He wants a bipartisan agreement with a slew of hardcore Socialists.

“I don’t like shutdowns. I don’t think they work for anybody and I hope they will be avoided. I’d be open to anything that we could agree on a bipartisan basis that would make them pretty hard to occur again,” McConnell told reporters less than a week after the last partial shutdown ended.

The Senate Majority Leader, such as he is, believes that the lack of agreement is a sign of “government dysfunction”, and he’s embarrassed. What he should be embarrassed by is Nancy Pelosi’s behavior.

He’s embarrassed so let’s give away the store!

Don’t worry though. Even though Mitch is anxious to sell out, Nancy Pelosi won’t make any deal. She’s worse than him.




  1. Maybe someone should tell him to do his damn job. There wouldn’t be any shutdowns if the Congress did their damn jobs and passed appropriations, but they have shirked that duty for a long time. What would be better than his ramblings is to deny Congressional pay, including staff, when they do not get the job done. Put THEM on the spot rather than the rest of government. How about THAT, McConnell.

    • The 3 week deal was intended as a trap on Trump for Congress to shut him down, remove his rights as president, to pull the rug out from under him.

  2. Congress wants to override the president’s right to not approve a budget. Of course, Congress has been in violation for several years, not producing the legally required budget. There was a budget just once under Obama. So, Mitch thinks it is OK for Congress to break the law, but not OK for Trump to follow the law.

    Trump has acted weak for 2 years. He now is prey for Mitch and Barr, either one can ruin him, and likely will.

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