SELLING OUT! Tech Giants Are Unabashedly Sharia & Totalitarian-Compliant


As tech giants blatantly censor conservatives, some who are extreme, but many who are not, they are at the same time aiding and abetting totalitarianism. There are many examples, and we expose a few shocking ones in this piece.


Toronto Sun opinion pages editor Anthony Furey told his readers that he received an email from Twitter that he was violating Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. In a Sunday column, he wrote that “he thought it was spam.”

“The email that hit my inbox Friday morning had the subject line ‘Twitter Receipt of Correspondence’ and the sender was ‘Twitter Legal.’”

Twitter told Furey they were taking this opportunity to inform him that it had received “official correspondence regarding your Twitter account.” Twitter then passed on the word from Pakistan that he violated Section 37 of PECA-2016, Section 295 B and Section 295 C of the Pakistan penal code.

The penalty for such violation in Pakistan is DEATH. Furey found it referenced tweets from years ago that included a collage of cartoons about the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Google recently approved an app for Muslims to report people who commit blasphemy. This is Hitlerian. It was Adolf who promoted and threatened the populace into reporting their friends, family, and neighbors for so-called violations, including harboring Jews.


The app is called “Smart Pakem” and it was launched in Indonesia last month after the Indonesian government requested it.

To uphold the fascist Sharia Law, the app will help target and report the “misguided.” All insults against Mohammed or the recognition of any religion besides Islam is strictly forbidden in that nation.

Indonesia forbids ‘heresy,’ and they put people in prison for up to five years for it.

It is drawing fire, but nothing will happen.


Google is also working with China on the secretive China project, known as Dragonfly. Make a note of the fact that anyone who works with China must also share all their secrets. China doesn’t have to steal them; the United States companies gladly give them away.

The censored search engine they are designing blacklists broad categories of information about human rights, democracy, and peaceful protest. It would link Chinese users’ searches to their personal cell phone number and store people’s search records inside the data centers of a Chinese company in Beijing or Shanghai, which would be accessible to China’s authoritarian Communist Party government.

For all their talk of President Trump being an authoritarian, the opposite is true.

A new movie called, The Creepy Line, exposes some of the corruption in the monopolies by private companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. People need to pay attention.

We all get that companies want to make money, but we also know they are biased left. In their effort to make money, it is the communists they prefer to help, not conservatives. They demonized Republicans in this country while aiding and abetting totalitarian regimes. While these companies worry about conservative values infiltrating the public and affecting voting, they are fostering a Hitler mentality in the name of their freedom to do whatever they damn well want to do.


Google isn’t worried about bias, and are only focused on stopping leaks and the “f***in leakers”.

Watch this leaked video clip, it’s short:


Google chief executive Sundar Pichai, a genius with extraordinary knowledge in his field, will be interviewed today by people in Congress who know very little about his field. So, don’t hold out too much hope for a breakthrough of any kind. Pichai plans to stress that they hold no bias. [Maybe he means no bias for Sharia]

As of 10:44 a.m., Congress is already asking irrelevant or trite questions and there will be no accountability or substantive follow-through.

Watch live:

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5 years ago

It’s amazing how Democrats like Ted Lieu are “champions” of the First Amendment applied to “Corporations”. No doubt his principled concern doesn’t apply to Citizens United. Maybe Lieu should actually “read” the Amendment. It is specific in its wording that Government cannot negatively impact the First Amendment. The words are prohibiting and abridging, yet there are indeed laws that limit these rights, as in yelling fire in a crowded theater and extends to slander and libel laws.

But, the laws we do have at present has given an “exemption” to these tech giants which allows circumvention of existing those existing laws. The remedy to counteract tech policies would either be to strip any exemption the companies now have or include within the existing law reinforcing the “neutral platform” status. A reinforcing would require it to have enforceable provisions probably falling under guidance by the FTC.

Making comparisons between Google with Fox News or Rush Limbaugh not only show ignorance but utter stupidity. Whether Fox or Rush or others similarly, they are the “content” creators, whereas Google is a “platform for content creators”. The ONLY analogy would be the airwaves only allowing Fox and Rush on the air. Even the comparison of cable or satellite cannot be compared with tech companies. Whereas cable and satellite determine who to include it is done by available space in the spectrum, the internet suffers no such restriction. Each channel is One channel and cannot multiplex multiple content on that single channel.

Therefore there is no such restrictions on internet communications. Now, there were concerns after IPv4 IP addresses looked to be getting scarce, especially after the IOT (Internet of Things) became available. Afterwards the IPv6 technology which greatly expands the address capability was designed. So, there is no reason or purpose for the restrictions on content on these platforms, apart from exclusions based on current law, and most of the tech policies reference to “hate speech” is actually forbidden by Supreme Court rulings.

5 years ago

In the House hearing Pichai seems extremely ignorant of the basics of their phones. A question was put to him if the Member moved locations would Google know he moved. He kept going on about a service on the Google platform. Any service would necessarily have to “collect” that data from “somewhere”, namely Google itself. The phone and the OS have to be able to determine that location and Then hand it off to a service. It sounds like Mr. Pichai doesn’t even understand how their phones work.

John Acord
John Acord
5 years ago

People do not realize is that these tech monsters are protected by federal law and can ban any content that they deem to be offensive or they just do not agree with. Its called “DEPLATFORMING” and its expressly allowed under Section 230 (c)(2)(A) of the 1996 Communications Decency Act (CDA), which gives “interactive computer service providers” full and complete immunity to remove any content, including constitutionally protected speech (yes, the law specifically states that), for any reason. They cannot be legally stopped from performing this censorship. To make things worse this law was enacted by a Republican Congress!!! The law needs to be changed and the tech lefties made accountable.Until Then they will suffocate us.