Semi-Socialist/Globalist/Liar Obama a Free Trader? NO!


Folks from extreme opposite wings of the ideological spectrum roundly cheered a bi-partisan, if preliminary, repudiation of Barack Obama’s ability to negotiate a trade agreement. It came after months of conflicting, confusing, convoluted assessments of this secretive deal.

The only thing more baffling than the multiple, impenetrable “explanations” of the agreement were Democrats voting overwhelmingly against Obama, while most Republicans went his way.

It was pretty easy for the prez’s party to cut through the fog of tangled legislation. They simply followed orders issued by their union handlers, who likely didn’t see a proposed multi-billion dollar kickback as a big enough bribe for the rank and file.

Things are not as clear cut for the GOP. Some of the best, brightest, and most respected minds from the Grand Old Party couldn’t reach agreement on even the most pivotal sections of the measure.

To the contrary, they came away with some incompatible conclusions. If there’s that much uncertainty in the proposed treaty, maybe they should stop trying to deconstruct or spin every word in the text. Simplify the process by assessing the merits of the guy who’d be our nation’s chief negotiator.

What possible, appealing rationale could the GOP have for letting Barack Obama confer over international free trade? What skill set is on Barack Obama’s resume’ that would remotely qualify him to manage such a critical task? Is he a good negotiator? Truthful? Can people say with conviction the man is an unabashed believer in American Exceptionalism and capitalism?

Barack’s basically haggled against himself in losing pivotal, face-offs with Russia, Syria, Cuba, and Iran. It could be easily argued those failures have cost hundreds of thousands of lives, with more death and destruction looming.

Obama lied to every American about one of, if not the most important aspects of their life….healthcare. He repeatedly and falsely claimed we’d be paying less money and be able to keep our doctors. His clinically delusional spinning of easily refutable tall tales, from our status in the world to “having ISIS on the run”, would be funny, only if it wasn’t so scary.

Barack’s economic policies have proven to be a reflection of a personal history influenced by hard left, militant radicals (Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn), an anti-American preacher (Rev. Jeremiah Wright), and avowed communist (Frank Marshall Davis). He’s used his “pen and phone”, in ways many consider to be unconstitutional, to expand government’s power over private sector commerce. Obama showed his utter contempt for hardworking U.S. entrepreneurs by announcing , “If you got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Forget all the back and forth over who’s interpreting what from a problematic document being kept from the public. Boil it down to one simple question. Is semi-socialist/globalist/liar Barack Obama really a free marketer? And, based on that, is he the fellow Republicans want to represent us in international, free market trade talks?

Modifying a line from Obama’s notorious, above mentioned quote; the GOP should insist that, “Somebody else make that happen.”




  1. What a sad display of conservative cowardice. I get that conservatives are rightfully embarrassed by the GOP’s support for TPP, but that was simply pathetic. You’re actually trying to make the case that democrats are in the wrong, and the GOP didnt really want this…… but they voted that way for reasons.

    Grow a spine, that was simply weak and pathetic. Seriously, stop whining.

    • Maybe you should re-read the article. The case is being made for Republicans to vote against TPP because the negotiator in chief would be the supremely unqualified, on every level, Barack Obama. It’s undeniable Democrats voted the interests of their union benefactors. The author isn’t giving a pass to GOPers who voted for this, he’s giving them a rationale to vote it down. A number of conservatives went against their leadership and already voted “No”. That’s hardly cowardly.
      Only thing that sounds like whining are your bizarre, comments, which are disconnected from the story’s content.

      • Lol, yeah, I’m sure congressional conservatives just don’t understand the issue and need a rationale from a blogger? Too funny!

        This whole thing is just typical conservative whining. First you have the childish lashing put in the title…. ok Archie bunker. “darrr yoos guys is da socialists n a liar…..duhharrr”….. if that’s the best lead in you can think of, you shouldn’t be publishing anything at all.

        Then read the line about democrats voting against it. “They simply followed orders issued by their union handlers, who likely didn’t see a proposed multi-billion dollar kickback as a big enough bribe for the rank and file.” what a lame post. Soviero is clearly, and rightfully, embarrassed by the fact that democrats voted against this, while republicans voted for it. Grow a spine, criticize your own side, and FFS stop whining.

        • Wow right to the Archie Bunker play. How clever. How original. Glad you’re way past any “lashing out”.

          Actually Soviero probably was overly kind by prefacing the socialist, globalist, liar moniker with “semi”. Notice you didn’t refute any of the specific examples sited in article that related directly to Obama’s “truthfulness”, “negotiating abilities”, or support of American entrepreneurism. Nor could you disprove the fact Democrats voted the way unions wanted. Who should be embarrassed?

          Unable to make a solid argument against the piece as written, you choose to develop an unrelated argument of your own. It’s the old “straw man” ruse.

          Actually Soviero, along with other Sentinel bloggers, have a history of being heard beyond the blogosphere, even into the Halls of Congress.

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