Migrants Molest Women in the Streets of the EU



There has been a 2,100% in the rise of migrants crossing the Mediterranean – 31,244 arrived in Greece during the first 16 days of 2016. More than 70% are fighting-age men.

Gangs of Muslims roam the streets abusing women and women are being told to cover up, particularly in Sweden and Germany. Rape and child abuse were rife in Giessen’s refugee camp.

In this video, one commentator says that instead of deporting en masse, the EU should allow the women to arm themselves and shoot them if necessary. What do you think?

The migrants’ behavior is not good by all reports and the EU is demanding Britain take in its quota or they will be barred from deporting any. It’s infuriated the Brits who already have their hands full.

The following comes from The Daily Mail UK and these two should be deported immediately or should they?

Two henchmen of the ISIS killer ‘Jihadi Sid’ were caught on camera laughing as they watched men being murdered in a gruesome propaganda video while they ate in a London restaurant.

Benefits claimant Mohammed Shamsuddin and London bus driver Abu Haleema, who now run the Islamist group formerly fronted by Abu Rumaysah, giggled as they watched the footage of men having their heads blown off and being drowned in a swimming pool.

Shamsuddin exclaimed, “The guy is foaming at his mouth, you know what I mean. Wow,” while Haleema added: “That’s a HD quality bruv, 4k.”

Gruesome: Abu Rumaysah's friends Mohammed Shamsuddin, right, and Abu Haleema were filmed watching ISIS propaganda videos in a London restaurant.
Gruesome: Abu Rumaysah’s friends Mohammed Shamsuddin, right, and Abu Haleema were filmed watching ISIS propaganda videos in a London restaurant.

Watch what went on in southern Italy with West African migrants. It’s an ongoing problem between migrants and citizens.


An article by American Thinker about rape and jihad is a must-read.

The author, Eileen Toplansky has compiled research into a picture of what the EU will face and the United States if this reckless immigration continues unabated.

Europeans are passing pamphlets around telling Muslim men they mustn’t grope or fondle women and children but what they are missing is it’s part of the culture in many of these Muslim-majority countries.

In Pakistan, as one example, children as young as seven are passed around to be gang raped and the police do nothing, according to the author.

The Quran allows child marriage and Muslims are allowed to have sex with female slaves[.]” In addition, “uncovered women are in many Muslim cultures seen as a kind of prostitute, and if a man is aroused by such a female, then – partly due to the corrupted logic of responsibility within Muslim psychology – the female is blamed for being raped (and will therefore often face execution).”

In 2010, Andrew C. McCarthy, in his book entitled The Grand Jihad, described rape by Muslim immigrants as the “unspoken epidemic of Western Europe.” Six years later, it continues to expand and sweep across the continent. Ingrid Carlqvist documents how Sweden is now the rape capital of the West, and when “Michael Hess, a local politician from [the] Sweden Democrat Party, tried to warn his nation that ‘it is deeply rooted in Islam’s culture to rape and brutalize women who refuse to comply with Islamic teachings’ he was charged with ‘denigration of ethnic groups'” – a crime in Sweden. READ MORE AT AMERICAN THINKER

The west is being kept in the dark about the culture of radical Islamists because of an extreme PC culture.

All cultures are not the same.

Europe is not protecting its people and the U.S. will be sure to follow unless we get the right leader.