Sen. Cruz Booed Off Stage for Not Endorsing Trump


This article was updated to include Thursday’s comments and Marco Rubio’s speech.

Sen. Cruz looked to some like he put himself before the country tonight as he told the audience to “vote their conscience” and did not endorse Trump. He was booed more than Mitch McConnell.

When people chanted, We Want Trump, he said he appreciates the enthusiasm of the New York delegation.

He didn’t help himself tonight and might never be a Republican nominee after this. His wife had to be escorted out as the audience yelled, “Goldman Sachs” where she works.

Newt Gingrich turned the Cruz non-endorsement into an endorsement by saying if you want those things outlined by Cruz, Trump is the only one who can do it. He told the crowd they “misunderstood” Senator Cruz’s comments.

“And I just want to point it out to you,” Gingrich said brilliantly, “Ted Cruz said you can vote your conscience for anyone who will uphold the Constitution. In this election there is only one candidate who will uphold the Constitution. So to paraphrase Ted Cruz, if you want to protect the Constitution of the United States, the only possible candidate this fall is the Trump-Pence Republican ticket.”

“That way we have a Republican ticket to implement Republican principles in Washington,’ Gingrich said – earning applause from the crowd for his retooled explanation.”

After his comments, mega-donor Sheldon Adelson turned Senator Cruz away from his suite.

Cruz’s Virginia campaign chairman Richard Black it was “doubtful” he would support him again. “In the end, each individual has a duty to the nation that transcends the duty to yourself, and that’s where I think he failed,” Black said.

On Thursday, Senator Cruz defended his actions and refused to say if he would vote for Trump. “I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,” Cruz told a meeting of the Texas delegation in Cleveland.

“I just think it was an awful performance,” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a close Trump adviser who was also a presidential rival, told MSNBC.

Christie also called the speech “selfish” in an interview with CNN.

Echoing Donald Trump’s tweet, he said, “He signed a pledge. And it’s his job to keep his word.”

Susan Hutchison, chair of the Washington delegation, said she confronted Cruz after his speech and called him a “traitor to the party.”

Many have said they all retracted it but how do you retract an oath?  In May, Trump, Cruz and Kasich all said they would support the candidate and that was after the retraction. What good is an oath like this unless you say upfront, I’m giving this pledge but I might retract it? To quote Michelle Obama and the bible, our word should be our bond.

No one can blame him for how he feels but country first? You decide. Compare with Marco Rubio’s comments and how he handled it.

The fact is that if Trump loses, four years of Hillary will destroy any chances Republicans have of getting into office. Just the fact that she is going to import foreigners and give amnesty to refugees and illegals in the tens of millions should make that clear.

Marco Rubio’s speech:

Marco Rubio’s Speech at RNC: Let’s Come Together



  1. You guys are way off base. Cruz is still a conservative favorite, still has a bright future and still has his dignity. Just because he didn’t kiss the ring of the man who smeared his father with false accusations and called him a liar diring a debate does not make him wrong.

  2. Senator Cruz kissed his chance to be our Commander In Chief in 2020 or any other time. A true member of the Republican Party should endorse and support the person who has been nominated by the people of this country regardless of how they feel personally. I just hope the people of this great nation never forget Mr. Cruz’s inappropriate and careless support in the next election. Donald Trump will give us Americans a great country to live in again. He will make us strong and very possibly will be re-elected again in 2020. God Bless America and God Bless all of us.

  3. Started the primary cycle strongly supporting Cruz. But last night he gave the anti-GOP, anti-Conservative media EXACTLY what they wanted. That’s a storyline that avoids talking about another stellar convention night featuring outstanding speakers. He gifted the “lame streamers” with an excuse to avoid giving proper coverage to Eric Trump’s terrific performance and an unexpectedly magnificent speech from a basically unknown Mike Pence. Luckily the latter two were being shown live, by all the networks, so their messages got out unfiltered. No thanks to Ted.

  4. The Trumpettes have been duped by the orange haired con man. The bully destroyed a constitutional conservative who was our last hope to save America. If we never have a republican president they can blame themselves. The con man orchestrated turning an endorsement Of him into a circus. Ted congratulated him, praised the con man’s border wall, asked people to come out and vote (who else would they vote for but the nominee). At this point everyone knows who they are voting for, therefore, voting their conscience. Very disappointed that this blog has posted an attack on a patriot who has represented and defended patriotic Americans against his own RINO party who is responsible for not standing against the Muslim terrorist’s anti American policies. The RINOs whom the bully plans on working with.

    • Most people aren’t duped. They have two choices -Trump or Hillary, and she will make us into Socialists. Whether Cruz did the right thing giving the speech he gave is debatable and each person can decide for him/herself.

      I don’t think I attacked him. The response to what he said and where and how he said it was overwhelmingly negative. He miscalculated.

  5. You didn’t included Trump going off on Cruz on friday after the convention or that Trump knew what he was going to say and had certain delegates and his people in the audience shouting “endorse trump” when he himself knew that was not going to happen. Every time he makes headway the bully in him surfaces. Does everyone forget that he also called Heidi Cruz an ex-call girl. Trump should really move on. Did anyone really listen to Cruz’s speech? I heard many good things from him. I am so done! Hillary is a liar, and much worse, trump is the worst kind of bully. I will vote my conscience, at this point not sure what that will be. Certainly not Hillary.

    • That was the day after but it was mentioned in another article. It was ridiculous for Trump to do that. I know nothing about him calling Cruz’s wife an ex-call girl.

      I also didn’t include the DNC leaks which show Senator Cruz attempting to work with the DNC to trash Trump and solicit funds for a defense group to defend delegates allegedly in danger from Trumpers. That’s at a time when Republicans are under fire for doing what the left is actually doing – setting up violent rallies. These are the people who lied about Tea Party people being violent.

      There are two sides and no one side is guilt-free.

      I agree about Trump and I’m as sick as you are but he’s our best shot. I don’t see us surviving Hillary as a Republic. Do you?

      This is the most awful election experience I’ve ever had and the weirdest but I just keep looking at what we stand to lose.

      Our government is full of corruption, our politics are dirty, and our country is heading for Socialism and Communism. I must come down on voting for the best shot at saving the country.

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