Sen. Cruz Grills Google Exec About the Plan to Interfere in the Election


Senator Ted Cruz grilled a Google executive about the Project Veritas tapes reviewing their plans to interfere in the 2020 election. It’s a waste of time talking with these people. They know nothing, they’re innocent, and they don’t censor.

The witness is the lead for Digital Well Being at Google and claimed she had not watched the Project Veritas video.

She also claimed she did not support the idea of Google manipulating algorithms to dole out its own standard of anti-Trump fairness.

When asked if she knew of anyone who voted for Donald Trump, her answer was evasive. Everything she said was evasive.


Watch the Project Veritas video and judge for yourself. YouTube, a Google company, censored the video but Vimeo picked it up.

  • Shut them down if they cannot be neutral and objective and honor FREE SPEECH UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT.
    Otherwise the communists and facists of the left will control our country.
    War is coming to this country, a bloody and vicious, no holds barred conflict because there is no reasoning with the left.