Sen. Cruz LEVELS Democrats & Their Pathetic Arguments


Bill Barr will NOT attend tomorrow’s hearing in the House. Good for him. Democrats only want to discredit him because they know they’re in trouble. Nadler and his House Judiciary plan to hold the hearing anyway. Great, they can talk to themselves. The sticking point was Nadler wants to have committee staff instead of members grill him. They are playing games as usual. They are like Third World thugs.

The hearing was brutal and unfair, but there was a moment of levity.

During the hearing today that it “has been quite revealing.” The Senator reminded everyone that one word the committee didn’t hear much of today was, “Russia.”

“For two-and-a-half years, we heard Democrat Senators going on and on and on about Russian collusion. We heard journalists going on and on and on about Russian collusion, alleging among other things, some using extreme rhetoric, calling the President a ‘traitor’” Senator Cruz exclaimed.

He told everyone present that they heard little of substance today.

Cruz laughed, and said, “If this is their whole argument—they ain’t got nothin’.”

Then he summed it up nicely.

“So their argument is—General Barr—you suppressed the 19 pages that are entirely public, that we have, that we can read, that they know every word of it. And their complaint is that it was delayed a couple of weeks.” Cruz concluded his assessment of the Democrats complaint, reminding everyone that Barr made that decision to wait before releasing the documents “piecemeal” so he could instead, release the entire 448 page Mueller report all at once.

Lastly, Senator Cruz told AG Barr, “If that is their argument, I have to say, that is an exceptionally weak argument.”

Bill Barr finally got to laugh.

Cruz complimented Barr for surviving the Kavanaugh treatment.

There is something very important people need to know. Democrats demanded the release of the full report and as it happens, only two people have gone to read the lightly redacted copy. Those two people are Republicans.

The Democrats are frauds.

Also of interest is Barr calling Mueller’s now infamous letter “snitty,” during an abusive grilling by Da Nang Dick. Barr thinks a staffer probably wrote it.

Barr is even being maligned for saying that, but the truth is it was a nasty letter to someone he has known and been friendly with for three decades.



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