Sen. Cruz Warned Social Media Execs They Could Be Liable


Senator Ted Cruz grilled three social media leaders/liars about their censorship of conservative voices, which they deny doing. Spokespersons from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube claim there is no censorship but recent videos released by undercover reporter James O’Keefe prove otherwise.

This is as Mark Zuckerberg announced he will up the censorship, making it much harder to find companies on Facebook.

There is no question that all three censor conservative content, but they lied. They ban the malicious content, said the Twitter executive, which the left thinks covers all conservatives.

The Twitter executive said the company down-ranks a user for “engaging in targeted abuse against minorities,” which covers people who don’t want open borders, unlimited refugee immigration, the importing of terrorists.

Cruz tripped him up, “For some people who are posting you’ll restrict viewership only to those who are actively following them?”

All of us on the right have been victimized by these people, watching our audiences disappear. They’re lying and they have control of all the social media.

Cruz ended by warning them that if they “are a neutral public forum, it does not allow for censorship, and if they are not a neutral public forum, the entire predicate for immunity under the CDA is claiming to be a neutral public forum, so you can’t have it both ways.”

It’s nice to know there is some recourse though not much given their penchant for lying, secrecy, covering up.

At least one senator cares. The entire GOP should be screaming about this.

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