Sen. Cruz was mocked online for exposing unbelievable corruption


Senator Ted Cruz, highlighting the 17 so-called errors, omissions, and mistakes in the FISA applications, exposed the very serious abuse of power uncovered by the Inspector General’s FISA abuse report.

“This pattern of facts makes me angry,” Cruz told Mr. Horowitz at the hearing today.

“These aren’t typos,” he noted. A number of the uncovered errors found are “deeply troubling” and “grotesque abuse of power.”

Sen. Cruz made a point of one particularly blatant “mistake.” The FBI failed to tell the FISA court that the Christopher Steele dossier about Trump and Russia they used to try and justify their surveillance of Page had been funded by the DNC.

That’s a pretty bad “error.”

The FBI relied entirely on the [fake] dossier, according to Horowitz.

Cruz also noted that FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, altered an email to try and make it seem as though Page was not a CIA source, and the email was then presented before the FISA court. Horowitz agreed that is what happened.

Cruz asked the Inspector General if an average person would be prosecuted for doing that. Watch for the answer which you undoubtedly know already.

“Private citizens ‘would be considered for’ prosecution if they had deceived courts in the same manner as FBI lawyers did to procure FISA warrants on former Trump campaign staffer Carter Page.”

“This wasn’t Jason Bourne,” Cruz said in closing. “This was Beavis and Butt-Head.”

The left-wing has fully commandeered control of Twitter and is mocking him for exposing this corruption — sad but true.



They don’t seem to know what is going on much of the time or they don’t care. Conservatives used to be the loyal lovers of all people in law enforcement but leftists have taken over and look at how it has worked out.



  1. Actually, the greatest betrayal to America were FDR and Truman first allowing the US to be used by the Soviets, then covering it up and destroying Joe McCarthy et al. It cost an extra year of WW2 and all the millions that that entailed, it cost Eastern Europe their freedom for decades, cost the US 35000 Korean War dead, cost the Chinese 30 million dead under Mao, cost another 50000 US dead in Viet Nam, and destroyed American morality and unity leading to the civil war which we must now fight and win to finally destroy the evil that is communism.

  2. The IG looks like the dog that chewed the shoe and knows it. Alphabet people wanted to put the president in prison and anyone else, to get to him, and they still have an indictment on him just in case. There were people put in prison without proof, before. I guess it was a test run. If these alphabet people can get away with this, people are starting to ask where the laws are and why do people bother to pay taxes. The three letter people forget who pays their salaries and they think that our economy is gonna be always great, when a socialist can destroy it in one year. It’s about the buddy system, we cover for each other. But people notice.

  3. Any of the “Liberal, Leftist Media who became ‘part of the Cover Up of the Criminals within the Obama administration should ALSO be held accountable for pushing a “false narrative FOR the Corrupt Obama Regime and the corrupt Democrats who along with the Intel Agencies DID OBAMA’S BIDDING. The FCC should remove their licenses for “Falsifying their reports in favor of the Criminal Cabal, that Barr and Durham will Expose.”

  4. Notice that none of the Beavis and Buttheads going after Cruz can dispute what facts of criminal wrongdoing Cruz laid out, no bias, give me a break!!!!!!!!!!

  5. A pretty sad state of affairs by the Anti American Democrats..
    The Democrats have created a ‘new Norm’ of Hatred toward Americans, who are actually “We the People’… The House, Democrats, have shamed the Constitution, for Decades. Time to throw them out and Elect , Real Patriots.

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