Sen. Daines Said He Will Vote Saturday & He Will Be at the Wedding


Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) has a big conflict. He can’t be present at the vote for Judge Kavanaugh on Saturday — at least not when the vote is taken. It’s his daughter’s wedding and he is walking her down the aisle. He said he would fly back after the wedding Saturday, possibly arriving early Sunday morning for a confirmation vote if his vote is needed. The Senate will hold the vote open.

Donald Trump Jr. says he has it covered, Daines is a good friend and a hunting/fishing buddy and as far as his vote this weekend, he tells him he has it covered.

Blame Jeff Flake for this. He is the one who insisted on another week.

As it turns out, his friend, Rep. Greg Gianforte, R-Mont., swooped in to “save the day” by offering his plane.

Sen. Daines explained on Shannon Bream’s late-night news program. There will be a vote today and they have to get to 50. They have to do it again on Saturday. The vote will be held open for him on Saturday and he will fly back after his daughter’s wedding if his vote is needed.

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