Sen. Feinstein is colluding with the foreign minister of an enemy state


Dianne Feinstein

Senator Dianne Feinstein was on the phone with the foreign minister for the terrorist enemy state of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif. What is she doing? They’re threatening to kill U.S. soldiers in the Middle East. Zarif is the same person John Kerry is colluding with behind the President’s back.

The call was spotted by leftist reporter Jake Sherman.

This is the woman whose top aide was a Chinese spy, and her husband has made lucrative business deals with the Communist Chinese. She and her husband both slept in the Mao bedroom when they visited with the Communists.

Levin wanted to know what she was doing colluding with Zarif and when she will be investigated?



  1. About time this person is put in the spotlight for practice of doing business with Communist countries while claiming she is against Russian interference in our Democracy, sheer hypocrisy!!!

  2. Feinstein, Kerry and the lady that worked at the state Dept.are telling Iran and the Chinese to be patient, Trump will be gone in 2020, that’s what they are doing

  3. Why am I not surprised by the actions of Feinstein and Kerry? That ex-state dept. employee Thornton(?) woman, telling the Chinese to be patient cuz Trump will be gone in 2020. The traitors just keep popping out of the swamp and exposing themselves.
    They obviously consider themselves to be above the law, and, of course, they are above us mere citizens.
    Will the DOJ indict those who are so blatant in their treasonous behavior?
    They are so confident that President Trump will be gone after ’20 election. That concerns me. Greatly. Like the “fix” is in for the left.

  4. These democrats don’t care they feel that they can do any thing they want and they’ll get away with it. Their party will cover for them and the liberal media along with the deep state. America had better wake the fuck up.

  5. Kerry ad Feinstein should be indicted already and awaiting trial for violation of the Logan Act in the least, treason at best. This law breaking must stop immediately or the Republic will come crumbling down. Examples need to be made. No one is above the law.

  6. She is guilty of sedition or treason, she is congress’s most corrupt senator. She is a pollutant to this earth and everything that she touches. Known leader of Mafia of the Democratic Party, nothing but a partisan hack.

  7. Talking to the Iranian foreign minister isn’t treason. But neither is it part of her role or duties. Feinstein already thoroughly disgraced herself in the Kavanaugh Affair. She should resign.

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