Sen. Feinstein Says If Fascists Get Violent, It’s OK to Shut Down Speech


Senator Dianne Feinstein says it’s okay to shut down their free speech if protesters threaten to become violent.

“The fact of the matter is that there are certain occasions on which individuals assemble not to act peaceably, but to act as destructively as they possibly can,” Feinstein stated.

“When you have a set group of people that come to create a disturbance, some of them even wearing masks or wearing certain clothing, what do you do?” Feinstein added. “I do believe that the university has a right to protect its students from demonstrations once they become acts of violence.”

This is what is wrong with the Democrats. They make bad choices. They are ready to surrender the Constitution to violent fascists.

Perhaps the better alternative would be to arrest and punish the violent protesters.

No one’s shutting down free speech at Berkeley

Feinstein said she knows of no instances at Berkeley where anyone tried to shut down student free speech.

Apparently she never heard of the political correctness guidelines issued at UCLA by the head Janet Napolitano. Napolitano suggested students not use expressions like, “America is a melting pot”, “America is the land of opportunity” or “the most qualified should get the job”. That’s shutting down free speech.

Now Feinstein wants fascists to be allowed to shut it down. As UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh said, there is no heckler’s veto in the First Amendment. He came back hard at Feinstein.

In the clip, Feinstein argues that the campus police aren’t equipped to handle the violence. she left out some facts.

Police didn’t try to shut down the leftists on campuses, Berkeley in particular. They were told to stand down.

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