Sen. Feinstein Supports Globalist Vultures Over President Trump


The globalists will not play fair. Why should we expect them to when half the nation is telling them to resist Trump? Former FBI director James Comey was in Canada immediately before the G7 Summit. He told the foreign leaders to not trust a thing President Trump says. Barack Obama told them to resist Trump.

President Trump is trying to get a better deal for America and challenged the members to abandon tariffs and subsidies for truly free trade. They are not about to do that.

We have a trade deficit with all our key allies and China. Our own fellow Americans are supporting the foreigners robbing us over the President, simply because they don’t want Trump to succeed.

For all we know, the G7 stunt by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was orchestrated in advance to embarrass the President. It was done as he was traveling to Singapore to attempt a peace treaty with North Korea.

Senator Feinstein showed up on CNN with Jake Tapper. Her purpose was to counteract the comments by President Trump’s advisors Larry Kudlow and Peter Navarro. She threw the President under the bus in favor of the globalists touting the world order.

The globalists want a new world order with the UN, the World Court and the EU ruling the world. The six other members of the G7 are supposed to be our “partners”. But they are not willing to play fair. We don’t have free or fair trade.

Tapper asked Feinstein where she thinks President Trump “sees himself and the United States as the leader of the free world?”

“I think he sees these agreements as not being very important and they’re hugely symbolic,” she said.

They are.

She explains that the North American and European Union entities of the globalist order must be allowed to continue robbing the U.S. The trade deficits will grow ever larger each year and we all are told to sit idly by.

The communique the President refused to sign was a Socialist-Globalist declaration without the force of law. It was generous of the President to even consider signing it.

This is an excerpt:


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