Sen. Feinstein’s Legacy Marred As Director Brennan Stands Up for the CIA – Video Clips


Twice in two days, CIA Director John Brennan has dismissed the torture report. Sen. Dianne Feinstein comes out of this with a marred reputation. The CIA has fiercely attacked the report and if this attack on the CIA continues, the Democrats who promoted this one-sided report will be on the wrong-side of the CIA. The Democrats have kept up this relentless attack for six years.

They compiled a nearly 500-page report but only considered one side – theirs. They didn’t even bother to contact one CIA member to provide any balance whatsoever to the report.

Director Brennan supported his CIA officers and agents in his speech Thursday but did say that some officers went off the grid and did not follow the approved enhancement interrogation techniques. These rogue agents were not properly held to account, he said, adding that it was at a time of massive confusion.

Prisoners who were subjected to the enhancement interrogation techniques (EITs) did provide valuable information after the EITs, Brennan said, but it is “unknowable” if the EITs are the reason the prisoners gave up the information.

Brennan is very concerned about the damage this report is doing to our image around the world and to those in foreign lands who supported us and were betrayed by the release of this information. He regrets the effect this is having on the courageous men and women who protect us without receiving accolades of any kind or asking for anything in return.

The EITs were discontinued in 2009, Brennan said.

The Army field manual is used when interrogating prisoners which doesn’t even allow for manipulation. Instead, we drone people and get no information. The drone program is effective and necessary but to ignore intelligence is dangerous.

Director Brennan did a masterful job of straddling the fence today.

Watch clips from today’s speech:

This was a shameful, partisan report which did not involve any of the CIA staff, Liz Cheney said earlier today on Fox News. These tactics were approved as lawful, she said, adding that there are politicians who are supportive until it becomes unpopular, then they head for the hills.

This report is rewriting history and it is doing lasting damage to CIA officers and officials, to our relationships overseas. It’s helping our enemies.

She believes Sen. Feinstein’s legacy will be forever marred.



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