Sen. Flake’s Screaming ‘Victims’ Were George Soros Babes


George Soros funded the ‘sexual victim’ scream in the elevator with Sen. Jeff Flake. The screaming leftists blasted the Arizona Republican at the US Capitol Friday morning in an elevator. Apparently anyone can approach our senators. They could have had weapons.

He was on his way to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing where he had just announced, he would be voting to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

From there, he ran into the back room with commie Chris Coons and you know the rest.

Republicans are easy. They don’t realize nothing is real with these people. This was a well-planned, well–executed operation by the far-left.


The Soros women, who claimed to be victims, berated him for his intended vote supporting Kavanaugh, screaming, “This is not tolerable!”

“You have children in your family. Think about them! I have two children. I cannot imagine that for the next 50 years they will have to have someone in the Supreme Court who has been accused of violating a young girl. What are you doing, sir?!” one of the women yelled while blocking the elevator door.

Flake kept nodding silently, head down.


Phony Soros babes Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher were seen in a photo celebrating soon after.

Archila is the co-executive director for the left-wing group, Center for Popular Democracy and the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund, which is heavily funded by Soros. Her Twitter feed has no mention of her sexual assault narrative but is filled with activist photos and videos.

“George Soros is one of the largest funders to the CPD. Soros provided the CPD with $130,000 from the Foundation to Promote Open Society in 2014 and $1,164,500 in 2015. Soros provided an additional $705,000 from the Open Society Policy Center in 2016,” the Free Beacon had previously reported.


The plants were then interviewed by the complicit media.



  1. He couldn’t look them in the face, because he was ambushed by two screaming maniacs. How dare they act on the presumption that Kavanaugh is guilty of anything? That’s the problem right there. Ignorant but ‘useful’ lynch mob, led by the noses, just for money. See, I can assume things, too – takes no talent, no thought, but there it is!

  2. A picture says a thousand words. In this case it’s more like million, as in dollars. Every weak kneed Republican needs to be sent this photo, along with the details, over and over again. These two are laughing out loud….AT YOU! Start with Flake & Susan Collins. You were played and you’re absolutely destroying a good man’s life and beautiful family.

    Next, Veterans, or family members of vets, especially those who ACTUALLY served in Vietnam should, from this day forward, greet the odious Dick Blumenthal with a STO-LEN VAL-OR! chant at his every public appearance.
    Here’s the rhythmic template….with absolutely no disrespect meant towards the great Derrick Jeter.

  3. This was a well executed plan for the Liberals behalf. Dr. Ford, the women in the elevator, all a game. Lindsey Graham was right… called it the way it is. Pres. Trump needs to start standing up to these clowns.

  4. These women will live to regret the damage they are trying to do to our Constitution, and the damage they have inflicted on Brett Kavanagh, and his family.

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