Sen Graham Says NYT Op-Ed Tells Him a Lot About the Mueller Probe


Lindsey Graham has an interesting take on the New York Times op-ed writer [coward] and on Bob Woodward’s book. The South Carolina senator adds what he thinks of the President’s sanity and performance and what it tells him about the Mueller probe.

“This op-ed piece about the personality of the president — suggesting that he’s unhinged and incapable of being a good president without being minded — tells me a lot about the Mueller investigation,” Graham remarked.

“This, to me, is a signal that if there’s nothing there with Russia, in terms of the president working with the Russians during his campaign, the next line of attack is the man is unfit for office.”

Graham didn’t say this, but maybe we shouldn’t let this distract us from the left’s obviously unhinged behavior.

Blitzer claims the op-ed coward who wrote the article is a senior official, a political appointee in the administration. We don’t know that and neither does he.

This short clip has Graham in a press gaggle and then in an interview with Wolf Blitzer.


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