Sen. Graham Vows to Launch a Probe Into Democrat Handling of SCOTUS Nomination


Lindsey Graham vowed a ‘full scale’ probe into the Democrat’s handling of the Ford-Kavanaugh allegation.

They should. It’s been a circus. It is destroying Judge Kavanaugh, and damaging the Supreme Court and the country.

The probe will look into any wrongdoing in how they managed the sexual misconduct allegation by Christine Blasey Ford.

“We’re going to do a wholesale, full scale investigation of what I think was a despicable process to deter it from happening again,” Graham said during an interview on ABC News’ “This Week.”

“The FBI will do a supplemental background investigation, then I’m going to call for an investigation of what happened in this committee. Who betrayed Dr. Ford’s trust? Who in Feinstein’s office recommended Katz as a lawyer? Why did Ms. Ford not know that the committee was willing to go to California?” Graham continued, referring to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Debra Katz, one of Ford’s attorneys who has been involved in Democratic politics in the past.

About not knowing the committee was willing to travel to California, it is more than likely Ms. Blasey was the one lying. This information became quite public. How could she not have known, what  as she insinuated during the hearing? She was already caught lying about flying.

As far as the letter, Ryan Grim, the Intercept journalist, said he didn’t get the letter from Feinstein’s staff.

No one would expect such a direct connection. The staff would give it to someone to leak — clean hands you know.

Graham accepted Feinstein’s denial and added Sunday, “All I can tell you is it came from somebody with a political motive,” he said. “No friend would do this to Dr. Ford.”

Maybe she asked her Chinese spy friends to do it — just kidding.

Senator Graham believes Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

As Rep. Devin Nunes said, when you have a Senate talking about high school yearbooks during the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice, you are “watching the collapse of the Senate”.

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