Sen. Grassley Slams Schiff for False Claim He’s Undermining the Witch Hunt


Senator Grassley slammed Adam Schiff after he blatantly lied on Face the Nation. Specifically, he made the false claim that the Grassley-Graham memo is intended to undermine the Mueller investigation.


On Sunday, Adam Schiff continued his baseless claims that both Senate Judiciary Committee and House Intel Committee members are purposely trying to undermine Mueller’s witch hunt. Schiff also evaded the truth about his including FBI “sources and methods”. He did so even after the FBI told them to remove the sections.

Schiff claimed Republicans are trying to undermine the Mueller probe. Listen to sly Schiffty:

Chairman Grassley slammed Schiff

Senators Grassley and Graham released the unredacted criminal referral on Christopher Steele which was written before the Nunes memo but backed it up. It also exposed more evidence of corruption.

Fox News reported that Grassley’s spokesman Taylor Foy lashed back at Schiff, saying that the Steele referral “says not one word critical of Mueller.”

“If Schiff (or anyone else) is going to claim that it is Grassley’s intent to undermine the Mueller probe, they should back it up with actual evidence or retract it and apologize for questioning the motives of their colleagues without any basis whatsoever,” Foy said. “Otherwise, they’re only exposing their own biases.”

Schiff is sent out to cover up the releases showing corruption at the highest levels of the Obam administration. At the same time, the media does its job as an arm of the Democrat Party by ignoring them.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter also believes Schiff deliberately put “sources and methods” in his countermemo to put the President in the uncomfortable position of making redactions. Instead, the President sent it back to [the minority leader on the House Intel Committee] Adam Schiff so he could make the redactions.

Schiff continues to lie about his countermemo.


Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino believes Democrats are “devious”, “deranged” and “evil”. They are “tactically brilliant”, he said.

In the next clip, Mr. Bongino called Schiff a “snake”, sent out to cover up.  It won’t work, he said.

Bongino said, Democrats were known as “civil liberties advocates”, but after the full facts are revealed, they will forever be known as “police state advocates”. Their brand will be ruined.

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