Sen. Grassley Unleashed! He Pummels Schumer, Democrats — Fabulous!


Sen. Chuck Grassley let Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer have it on Fox News this morning. He told the panel of Fox & Friends that Democrats only wanted to have the FBI look at Mark Judge, but then they moved the goal posts and insisted on looking at about 12 people. They are still not satisfied.

Go back to July 10th, he reminded the viewers, when Schumer said he was going to do everything under the sun to defeat this candidate.

Grassley characterizes the confirmation as the Demolition Derby of these Democrats. They should be concerned with Judge Kavanaugh’s qualifications, but they have never been at issue, he said. Only secondary things have been at issue.

He also blasted the media and Schumer again yesterday.

“I would never use the word ‘fake news'”, he told the media, but he basically suggested that as the policemen of our Democratic system of government, they aren’t living up to their mandate.

He then went on to explain what has been going on with the love affair of the media with the anti-Kavanaugh protesters. The media said they were only interested in interviewing anti-Kavanaugh protesters. “Now that’s a bias none of you should be proud of,” he concluded.

It’s a good try on Grassley’s part and we need more senators/representatives to do the exact same thing, but the so-called journalists can’t be embarrassed or self-reflective. They are an arm of the Democrat Party.



  1. Media and Democrat Party are the same, performing the same tactics overthrow our government to continue Obama’s transformation of America into a socialist hellhole, with the top 1% ruling over us all their servants and slaves.

    • The mainstream media are controlled ( social media is getting, if not already, there) and Obama is not alone…Check out how all the living ex presidents are circling the wagons against Trump and the other four are supporting the seditious, if not down right traitorous 5th Column/Shadow Government headed up by Barry…There are RINO’s in the picture also. Trump was forced on the Republicans…and now the Conservative element of that party are beginning to embrace him…which may bode well for the Republic but runs counter to what the Democrats/RINOs had in mind.

  2. Grassley is merely trying to compensate for the huge and cowardly mistakes he made the past 3 weeks. He is being inundated with calls and messages over it. He deserves the pressure. The RINO does not believe in fake news. So, even in his attack on the Left, he utters a leftist talking point. He’s a failure. And he will do nothing about this fiasco – no investigations of Feinstein, the liars, and no insistence on DOJ action. It’s just hot air for the election.

  3. At worst as Vincent pointed out above. At best, a dinosaur that is unable to change with the times. The Demoncraps have changed the rules. Adapt or GTFO and let younger blood take over. Personally I suspect they are all just swamp creatures playing a role for the rubes.

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