Sen. Inhofe at the Global Warming Fact Checking Conference: It’s About Power


The tenth annual International Climate Change Conference sponsored by the Heartland Institute this year ran Thursday and Friday within walking distance of Capitol Hill.

Speakers included scientists, prominent Republican personalities and at least two congressmen, Rep. Lamar Smith and Sen. James Inhofe who gave the keynote on global warming which he believes is about global governance.

Inhofe, chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, said he agreed with former French President Jacques Chirac’s statement that global warming “is the first component of authentic global governance.”

Inhofe has along been an ardent opponent of the climate change religion promoted by the U.N. and now our own administration. He said he accepted it at first and then investigated which led him to the conclusion this was about the U.N. assuming power over member nations.

“The United Nations is the reason that this all came along. We all know that,” Inhofe told the think tank members.

“They want independence. They don’t want to be accountable to anybody, to the United States or any other country,” he said, explaining that global climate change policies would give the United Nations its own funding source and make it unaccountable to its member countries.

Whoever controls carbon, he said, controls life.

Richard Lindzen

Inhofe also addressed climategate and the many disproven climate change “facts.”


Polar Bears

We all can agree that we need to be good stewards of our environment but we can’t put more of our people into poverty while other nations rob us of our resources for a science that has been greatly exaggerated. The science has been “proven” on computer models which mostly haven’t panned out.

The administrations trying to convince us that global warming is the greatest catastrophe to confront the world in known history but people are not buying it. Sen. inhofe said, “We’re winning,” which is hard to believe but he could be right.

The prediction of global warming is in red and the blue/green lines are reality.


Clips from Senator Inhofe’s speech:

Full speech:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

One might remember ABC’s Earth 2100 special which predicted a frightening 2015 because of the terrible impact of global warming. In the special, a storm of the century wiped out Miami, even New York City was destroyed [it might end up being destroyed but not from climate change but from the commie mayor]. The experts said Las Vegas would be abandoned and by 2084, the Earth’s population would be only 2.7 billion [which would make the social engineers happy.]

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