Sen. introduces amendment to end the Electoral College and the Republic


Jeff Merkley, Bernie supporter

Far-left Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., on Friday introduced legislation that, along with a number of pro-democracy reforms, would abolish the Electoral College.

It would eliminate the Republic and transform us into a democracy where the mob would rule.

He falsely claimed that the system for electing Presidents is “profoundly unfair.”

The wide-ranging proposal, Merkley said, includes a constitutional amendment establishing that the president be elected according to the popular vote.

More and more Democrats are demanding an end to the Electoral College.

While they won’t win now, they will keep spreading disinformation and applying pressure until they do win.

“The idea of democracy is simple and obvious even to young kids on a playground — whoever gets the most votes should win,” the Oregon Democrat said. “But way too often, that’s not how our system of government is working. And we see the results all around us — the privileged and powerful taking care of themselves while most people work longer hours for the same pay at best, while costs keep going up.”

The proposal is part of the Blueprint for Democracy Merkley introduced in January.

Every reform he introduced is aimed at making certain Democrats can steal future elections permanently under the guise of protecting the common good from evil corporations.

The Democrat disinformation campaign is extraordinary and radical.

Eliminating the Electoral College does not guarantee every man a vote, as they claim. It does quite the opposite.

Without the Electoral College, the red states would not have had a vote. California and New York would have controlled the 2016 presidential election.


The new Democratic Party is at the same time pushing for changes in voting under the euphemistically-titled, For the People Act (HR 1). It would make the USA a socialist nation under one party in an instant.

The package of bills Merkley put forward also calls for a commission to give full representation to Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., and several U.S. territories; expand early voting; and end purges of voter rolls.

Puerto Rico and D.C. would vote Democrat, early voting is easy to corrupt, and never purging the voter rolls has only one goal — to provide opportunities for illegal voting.

All you have to do to check on where Jeff Merkley is coming from is check out the Green New Deal he co-sponsored. It’s an authoritarian takeover of every pillar of society.

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