Sen. McCain Returns to the Senate, Trashes Talk Radio, Internet, To “Hell with Them”


Senator John McCain (R-AZ) returned to the US Senate today to cast the 50th vote to open debate on the failed Obamacare bill.

He has courage and we wish him well, but the political differences are unchanged. Senator McCain spoke to Congress today after the healthcare vote barely passed. His speech began as a confession, moved on to bashing talk radio and the Internet, and ended in a plea to reach across the aisle to the Democratic Socialist Party.

John McCain said, “I hope again we can rely on humility on our need to cooperate, on our dependence on each other, to learn how to trust each other again, and by so doing better serve the people who elected us. Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio, television and the internet. To hell with them!“

To hell with us, he says.

Leftist Shep Smith said McCain was the only “adult in the room”.

The reaching across the aisle means we keep Obamacare, open borders, and a whole host of leftist policies.

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