Sen. McConnell Votes to Turn the Internet Over to Unaccountable Global Bureaucrats


Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call, December, 2014
Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call, December, 2014

Mitch McConnell has put up legislation that funds the government through Dec. 9 – setting up a lame-duck session of Congress. That way unaccountable legislators can go into their backrooms and make deals. More importantly, it gives away the Internet, an issue most Americans care deeply about.

The bill also grows government and cronyism.

The outrageous Obama-Boehner spending will continue. It adds $500 million to the bloated $12 million dollar Federal Emergency Management Agency budget. It puts another billion dollars into the bloated pot to fight the Zika Virus.

Planned Parenthood, which is a private organization that could easily fund itself, gets a raise.

We are still waiting for them to extract all the fraud and waste as they promised.

President Obama gets new hiring authority to bring in more unaccountable bureaucrats before he leaves. You can’t really ever fire these civil service people and he will fill as many federal agency positions as humanly possible.

Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) withdrew support because it does not bolster the Export-Import bank. They kicked the can which ends up being a good thing. The legislation also takes out money for the Flint water crisis which won’t last long and which will garner unnecessary anger.

What Mitch McConnell left out is really DEPLORABLE.

It’s nice to know who these people finally are. Keep in mind that the Republicans came up with this bill. McConnell is calling it a compromise but it is a complete capitulation or would the word “agreement” be more accurate since our Republicans appear to always side with Democrats over fiscal conservatives? It only funds Democrat agenda items.

McConnell left out the language that would keep Barack Obama from turning over all US control of the Internet to a UN agency for global governance.

The language, that would have prevented the transition of US oversight of the Internet’s domain name system to foreign powers and multinational corporations at the end of the month, is gone.

The problem with this is unaccountable bureaucrats in an Internet global monopoly have no 1st Amendment strictures and no one will be able to resort to US federal courts as they strip away our rights.

McConnell simply gave away the Internet.

All these people are globalists.

Fortunately, for the moment, this might not pass for the wrong reasons to most Americans. Democrats oppose it because they want the money for the Flint crisis put back in and Senators Graham and Heitkamp have withdrawn support because of the Ex-Im bank.

Last Tuesday, the Senate voted 89-7 to approve the spending bill though there was no bill. There was no agreement, no text, no nothing.  They voted on nothing.

As if that isn’t infuriating enough, Senate leaders are attacking Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and presidential nominee Donald Trump who made an issue of it.

They prefer to do these things in secret as they always have.

If you want to know what they care about, it’s corporations and political donations. The bill has a provision stopping the Securities and Exchange Commission from requiring companies to disclose political donations and it stops the SEC from requiring companies to disclose political donations.

Senator Reid set up a straw man argument and told reporters Sept. 22 that Trump’s support made the rider a non-starter: “It’s obvious to me that Trump, [who] wants the federal government out of everything, suddenly now wants the government in something. It’s his issue now, I don’t think it’s going to sell well in my caucus.”

Reid said he’d shut down the government because Donald Trump dared speak of it and that was it. All he had to do was utter the words, McConnell stripped the Internet language out.

Senator Cruz thanked Trump for his statement and it helped unify the party somewhat but McConnell isn’t looking for that apparently.

We must not speak of it, call our representatives, and a candidate must not bring it to the fore because the Senate will punish us by doing the opposite.

Most ludicrous of all is how Politico claimed McConnell is playing “hardball”. The only thing the Democrats didn’t get yet was the money for Flint but of course that will be coming. If we advocate or make too much noise, they will blame us for it not going through.

A vote for the continuing resolution is a vote to surrender the free and open Internet to foreign powers and multinational corporations. One day this will all go against U.S. interests, there will be uncontrolled censorship, and the global Internet tax is a given. Who knows what else they will come up with for OUR Internet.

The left will say the US isn’t that involved day-to-day anyway [it’s the oversight we are concerned with].

They will also say we must respond to this because it has been planned since Bill Clinton was president.

Turning over the Internet is a freebie and we got nothing for it. It’s all about global governance.

The globalists will say that since Edward Snowden, other countries are suspicious of us. Who cares?

“If we don’t make a transition to a more global form of governance, many people will say, ‘Look, this is a U.S tool, and we’re going to make our own internet,'” said Michael Chertoff, former Homeland Security secretary under George W. Bush and Obama. “We have to realize that even though we know our motives are good motives, there are people who will argue that if we don’t give it up that we have bad motives. To maintain credibility we have to go through this process.”

The planned change “offers the best hope of protecting internet freedom,” NTIA Administrator Lawrence E. Strickling said, though it is the opposite of the truth. He said there are robust checks and balances that will be put in place after the transition to ensure the internet’s technical management is properly handled.

I wonder if it will be as robust as our vetting of those 1800 dangerous illegals who were accidentally given citizenship? There will be nothing robust about it when Russia, China, Iran get their hands on it and our role and 1st Amendment rights have been reduced one voice out of 185.

Democrats and corporatists are winning every battle in a GOP-dominant Senate.

If we lose the Internet control, we lose it forever.



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5 years ago

“If we lose the Internet control, we lose it forever.” No. If we lose the internet, we lose our society and country. We cannot be a free people without free exchange of ideas and information. Control the information. They win. Next up guns and food.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
5 years ago
Reply to  NOG

The concern of losing control of OUR Internet, needs to be made into the biggest, most HUGE as possible issue brought directly to the Millenials, to EVERY younger American.

They may not give much attention to the economy, to terrorism, to race relations, to national defense, to 20 trillion in debt, to climate change, to the Iran deal, to Syrian refugees, to illegal aliens …. but just HINT there may be a threat to their Internet, to their Smart Phones AND ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.

This truly is no small issue. We know, without doubt, the MSM in America has become little more than the media wing of the DNC and Progressives. They dominate print news, TV news, Hollywood – were it not for the Internet, we would all be kept completely ignorant of everything except what they want us to know.

Not that the Internat hasn’t already been “infiltrated.” But with persistence, we are still able to search and research issues and obtain unadulterated facts. Why the Left, Obama, has been HELL BENT on eliminating our last, best hope of getting truth.

Those who still believe Republican “leaders” are on the side of honest, patriotic Americans are living in an alternate universe.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
5 years ago

Sen. McConnell has LONG been on my list of the GOP “Basket of Deplorables.” Mention of his name alone makes my blood boil. But he does, absolutely, represent those Republican “leaders” who elicit the extreme ire of rank and file Republicans…and the many who LEFT the GOP over the past many years.

McConnell, etal, reflects the worst of the worst, those who have LONG been doing their might to purge Conservatives out of the GOP, out of American society. They ARE the treasonous, traitors who have been playing the American people. It is not that they just remain mute or passively bow before the devastating Progressive take over of America. But they are COMPLICIT in it all. And that, folks, is beyond excusing.

Exactly who are all the betrayers of We the People? Well, players like McConnell, McCain, Romney, Lindsey Graham, have long conducted themselves in a way which makes them easy to peg. Over the past year, I have been asserting we have all been given a gift, an unexpected “perc” of a Trump candidacy. EACH AND EVERY Republican politician, self proclaimed “Conservative” commentator, journalist, every Washington DC Talking Head has been drawn out of the closet.

This Trump candidacy has flushed out of shadows every Closet Progressive in Washington and around the nation. Every one of them who claim the, “NeverTrump” banner, who passively or overtly prefer the Clinton Cartel, who piously, pompously REFUSE to do what they have LONG been demanding of us – “hold your nose if you must but vote for our guy” are, WITHOUT DOUBT, among the “basket of” traitors who have long been covertly playing on the side, with our enemies within.

The Trump candidacy has saved us the long and tortuous, seemingly impossible task of trying to discern, who is with us; who is against us. They have ALL outed themselves.

Judy Boston
Judy Boston
5 years ago
Reply to  Judyann Joyner