Sen. Mike Lee Turns on Trump, Will Vote with Dems on Declaration


Senator Mike Lee

Senator Mike Lee has turned against the President and will vote with the Democrats to stop the National Emergency Declaration.

“We tried to cut a deal, the president didn’t appear interested,” Lee told The Hill on Wednesday.

“I’ll be voting ‘yes,'” he added.

Lee led with a bill that would limit the national emergency power of the Executive branch, but the bill would leave Trump’s border declaration in place. So far, 14 other Republicans support the bill in the Senate. The President has indicated he’s not interested.

It wouldn’t have passed anyway. Nancy Pelosi said she’s not interested and would kill any attempt to alter the declaration.

Lee is ignoring the fact that the Democrats are torching the President every day and are socialists now. He is also forgetting about the invasion at our border.  With all that is going on, Lee will vote with Thom Tillis, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Rand Paul to pass the Democrats’ bill.

The senator even said the National Emergency Declaration was legal in February. We don’t blame him for not liking it, but this is more of Republicans not working with the President to secure our border. They leave him no options.

The President will not sign it and the Senate will probably not have the votes to override his veto.

This is allegedly embarrassing to the President, but to the American public, wouldn’t it be more embarrassing to the Republican senators who are voting to keep the invasion going and are turncoats voting with Democrats?

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  1. The Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for abandoning the President in this critical period of our country. All of a sudden they respect the Constitution, where were they for 8yrs of Obama’s dictatorship.

  2. I have no doubt that ALL of the true patriots are with President Trump all the way on immigration and border issues. The RINOS, and other feckless Republicans that are voting against Trump, well, I hope they are enjoying their moment as when their next reelection comes up, we the Patriots WILL REMEMBER who they were. To say that 76k at least entered in just the month of FED, that huge seizures of drugs, including the highly leathal Fentanyl recently represents only a mere fraction of what IS GETTING INTO the country, the cost in the billions to take care of all these illegals, the ridiculous Asylum system that is being used and abused so badly I cannot believe that Congress is STILL NOT CHANGING ANY OF THESE INEFFECTIVE LAWS. Many in Congress are on the take, taking money funneled to them from the cartels, many law enforcement are on the take, many are Sheriffs along the border, many Mayors of border cities are on the take, many Governors are on the take in border states, NM for sure. The amount of money the cartels have is beyond comprehension and where there is that much money, there will be corruption and that is an understatement. CONVENTION OF STATES is needed asap to term limit these corrupt Congress persons, to change an amendment or two regarding birthright citizenship and for many other purposes. CONGRESS is the enemy of the people and it isn’t just Dems, it is the Republicans as well. Decades of pay to play, self aggrandizing and deception after deception on the people….CONGRESS needs to be shaken up in a big way and no more career politicians would be a good place to start.

    • Did Senator Lee and the other’s drink the Kool-aid? It’s a sad day for America, when our elected Republican party can’t support the President and secure our borders.

  3. Lee is the very last one I would have suspected of selling out the country. For Lee and his ilk to so something like this, and claim that they believe in border security is nonsense. These are the acts of a Judas Iscariot laying wait like a bushwhacker to stab the president in the back, and border security.

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